Slate’s mistakes for the week of July 21.

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 21

Slate’s Mistakes for the Week of July 21

Slate's mistakes.
July 25 2014 4:15 AM


Slate’s mistakes.

In a July 25 The World, Joshua Keating misspelled diplomat John Tefft’s last name.

Due to a production error, a July 24 Brow Beat​ misstated that July 24 was Batman Day. It was July 23.

In a July 24 Eye, Kristin Hohenadel misspelled the names of the Eclectic Electric Company and the Guerrilla Girls. 


In a July 24 Future Tense, Eric Holthaus misstated that some mayflies have a lifespan of only five minutes. Their lifespan is roughly a year; it's the adult phase that's only minutes-long in some species.

In a July 24 Politics, Reihan Salam implied that the federal poverty measure excludes all forms of subsidy. In fact, the measure excludes major non-cash benefits and tax credits, but not rent subsidies.

In a July 24 Quora, Scott Bade misstated that Colonial South Carolina had sugar plantations. Its plantations mainly produced rice and indigo.

In a July 24 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misspelled the last name of United Nations official Jacqueline Badcock.


Due to a photo provider error, a photo caption in a July 24 Sports Nut misstated the name of an award received by Neil Harman. It is the Ron Bookman media award, not the Roy Bookman media award.

In a July 24 The World, Joshua Keating misidentified Christian Science Monitor reporter Howard LaFranchi as Christian LaFranchi.

In a July 23 Bad Astronomy, Phil Plait misstated that Kepler-421b has the longest year of any known exoplanet. It has the longest year of any exoplanet that has been found by detecting the planet as it crosses in front of its star.

In a July 23 Slatest, Elliot Hannon misstated where Clayton Lockett’s execution took place. Lockett was executed in Oklahoma, not Ohio.


In a July 23 Weigel, David Weigel misspelled John Oliver’s first name.

In a July 23 Weigel, David Weigel misstated that the Chamber of Commerce spent $1 million to run an ad portraying Georgia Senate candidate David Perdue as a baby. The chamber made the ad, but it was not part of the $1 million TV buy.

In a July 22 Brow Beat, Eliza Berman misspelled Lizzie Widdicombe's last name and David Remnick's first name.

In a July 22 Politics, Jamelle Bouie misidentified Thane Rosenbaum as a professor at New York University. He is a senior fellow and director of the Forum  on Law, Culture & Society at NYU Law.


In a July 22 Science​, Katy Waldman misstated that researcher Amelia Aldao found that older subjects have better emotional discrimination than younger ones. Though Aldao, who is planning a study on age and emotional discrimination, predicts that this will be the case, her lab has not yet produced hard results.  

In a July 22 Slatest, Ben Mathis-Lilley misidentified American Airlines as American Airways and Korean Air as Korean Airlines.

In a July 22 Weigel, David Weigel misstated that a Forbescolumn from this week was from the previous week.

In a July 22 Weigel, David Weigel misspelled Roll Callreporter Niels Lesniewski’s last name.


In a July 21 Medical Examiner, Jane Hu misstated the increase in autism diagnoses among 6- to 17-year-old children and the years under comparison. The number of diagnoses increased by almost 1 percentage point rather than by 1.8 percent, and between 2007 and 2012 rather than 2007 and 2013.

In a July 21 Politics​, Amy Lieberman misquoted Richard Rynearson as saying “I am a military officer, and I took an oath to defend foreign and domestic entities.” He said, “I am a military officer, and I took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States from foreign and domestic enemies.” She also misquoted James Duff Lyall as questioning what constituted a “reasonably prolonged” checkpoint stop. He questioned what constituted an “unreasonably prolonged” one.

In a July 21 The Juice, Dan Gross misidentified the Natural Resources Defense Council as the National Resources Defense Council.

In a July 21 Weigel, David Weigel misspelled Wiredfounder Louis Rossetto’s last name.

Ina July 21 Weigel, David Weigel misspelled Mediaitecolumnist Evan McMurry’s last name.

In a July 21 XX Factor​, Amanda Marcotte misidentified Sara Hellwege as a nurse. She is a nurse-midwife. 

In a July 21 XX Factor, Amanda Hess misstated that the UFC only hosts fights for bantamweight female fighters. The UFC recently added a strawweight division.

In a July 18 Brow Beat, L.V. Anderson misstated Hampton Creek’s name as Beyond Eggs. The startup began in 2011 as Beyond Eggs but has since changed its name to Hampton Creek.

Due to a production error, a chart in a July 17 The World misstated the relationship between Egypt and Syria as the relationship between Egypt and Saudi Arabia.

In a July 15 The Dismal Science, Ray Fisman misstated that more Swedish students go to privately run (and mostly for-profit) schools than in any other developed country on earth. In fact, other countries, like South Korea and the Netherlands, send a higher fraction of students to privately run schools. 

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