Jon Stewart memories: Five of The Daily Show's funniest feminist moments.

The Daily Show’s Funniest Feminist Moments

The Daily Show’s Funniest Feminist Moments

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Feb. 11 2015 2:38 PM

The Daily Show’s Funniest Feminist Moments

Jon Stewart on manspreading.

Screenshot via Comedy Central

The news that Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show has kicked off a flood of reminiscences. But not all the memories are joyous. It was less than five years ago that Jezebel kicked off a public spat with Stewart and his diehard fans with a lengthy reported piece suggesting the show was not welcoming to women. The situation was a little contentious at the time, but, in the long term, it seems that Stewart took the criticism to heart. In the past few years, the show became aggressively more feminist in its comedy. Here are some of the funniest examples. 

Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams covered the Supreme Court's decision on Burwell v. Hobby Lobby.


Highlight: Jessica Williams trying to define a “closely held corporation.” “You know what, Jon? Think of it as a hug. A hug that squeezes all the sluts off the health plan.” 

In response to Brit Hume complaining about how men are oppressed by a “feminized atmosphere,” Stewart and Kristen Schaal parodied male fears of women being able to treat men like, well, men have been able to treat women since basically forever:

Highlight: Kristen Schaal apologizing to Hume, saying, “It was not our intention to feminize the atmosphere by coming in with our cut flowers, our scented computers, and our breast milk fax machines.” When asked by Stewart what a breast milk fax machine is, Schaal replies, “What? Am I going to fax formula? I'm not a monster.”

Stewart mocked conservative efforts to argue that there's no such thing as a Republican war on women. 


Highlight: After pointedly showing that Fox News takes the “war on Christmas” more seriously than the war on women, Stewart said, “Maybe women could protect their reproductive organs from unwanted medical intrusions with vagina mangers,” as a picture of a naked woman with a nativity scene covering her genitals pops onscreen. 

Taking on the campus sexual assault issue, Jordan Klepper and Jessica Williams share party safety tips for male and female students:

Highlight: Klepper says, “This is a big one, guys. Don't pass out on the couch. Someone might draw, like, a dick on your face.” Williams responds, “Yes, do not pass out on the couch, ladies. Someone will put a dick on your face. At a minimum.”

Schaal ironically “defends” the right of men to take up too much room on the subway, a practice that's been nicknamed “manspreading.”

Highlight: After Stewart suggests it's just “common courtesy” for men to avoid hogging space on the subway, Schaal replies, “Oh no, Jon. You've been so brainwashed by this feminized world that you can't even see everything that men have lost. You used to run companies by yourself. You used to run countries by yourself. You used to do everything, just you dudes! And if a woman showed up? You got to call her ‘Sugar Tits’ with no consequences. And give her a seat in the typewriter pool with all the other sugar titses.”