Alec Ross tells Anne-Marie Slaughter the next global war frontier is online. [PODCAST]

The Weaponization of Code

The Weaponization of Code

Future Tense
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Oct. 17 2013 6:17 PM

The Weaponization of Code

Alec Ross in 2012

Photo by Nadine Rupp/Getty Images

In the New America Foundation's Weekly Wonk Podcast, NAF President Anne-Marie Slaughter and guests explore the ideas and policy challenges that not only dominate today’s headlines, but will shape our future.

This week, Alec Ross joins Slaughter to navigate the latest global war frontier (online) and its modern weaponry (code). Ross, the former senior adviser on innovation in Hillary Clinton’s State Department, notes that a few "01s" keyed into a computer can devastate a country; they discuss how that dynamic is changing geopolitics around the world.


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