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Court Strikes Down Data-Transfer Pact That Lets Tech Companies Move European User Data

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Oct. 1 2015 11:55 AMBetter Than a Tent, Worse Than a HouseIkea’s flat-pack shelters for refugees may make life more comfortable. But they won’t solve any problems.
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Sept. 30 2015 12:23 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Cybersafety First!
Oct. 6 2015 2:41 PMCybersecurity: The Lame GameThe U.K. uses a game to try to identify cyber talent—but it’s perplexingly boring and buggy.
Oct. 6 2015 10:46 AMTwitter’s New “Moments” Feature Tries to Help You Make Sense of Twitter
Oct. 5 2015 5:37 PMButt Dials Make Up 20 Percent of San Francisco's 911 Calls
Oct. 5 2015 4:18 PMWily Attack on Microsoft Outlook Is Especially Worrying Because Everyone Uses Outlook
Oct. 5 2015 12:58 PMInternet.org Will Use a Satellite to Beam Its Version of the Web to Sub-Saharan Africa
Oct. 2 2015 4:14 PMSheesh, Even Streetlights Are Getting Cameras and Internet Connections
Oct. 2 2015 11:25 AMIn Iran, Even Bloggers Who Stay Away From Politics Can Be Arrested
Oct. 2 2015 9:30 AMWhy Don’t Companies Want to Hear About Their Security Problems?
Oct. 1 2015 12:37 PMA Drone Linked to a VR Headset Lets You Explore the Sky, Almost for Real
Oct. 1 2015 11:33 AMThe Real Danger of That Yelp-for-People App Isn’t Negativity. It’s Empty Positivity.
Oct. 1 2015 8:31 AMApp Stores Need a Clearer Definition of “Educational”
Sept. 30 2015 5:53 PMHarry Potter–Style Moving Images Come to Facebook Profile Pictures
Sept. 30 2015 1:16 PMBuckets of Clear Goo Are Helping Researchers Get Closer to 3-D–Printing Organs
Sept. 30 2015 1:00 PMElon Musk’s Regret: Tesla’s New SUV Might Be a Little Too Good
Sept. 30 2015 12:17 PMFacebook’s Basic InstinctsAfter activists criticized the social network’s Internet project for the developing world, Facebook listened.