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One Way Facebook Can Stop the Next Cambridge Analytica

Give researchers more access to data, not less.

March 16 2018 4:39 PMInternet Censorship Bills Loom Large Over Egypt, South Africa
March 16 2018 10:42 AMAre You Still You if Your Brain Is Uploaded?Certain death isn’t the only problem with that company promising a form of digital immortality.
March 15 2018 5:20 PMWhat Does It Mean to Hack an Electrical Grid?
March 15 2018 8:07 AMHow Will Pop Music Adapt to Autonomous Cars?After decades of driving in hit songs, American lyricists will have to get used to the passenger seat.
March 14 2018 6:31 PMWhy Internet Advocates Are Against the Anti–Sex Trafficking BillIt’s well-intentioned—but it won’t fix the problem, and will hurt the internet.
March 14 2018 4:21 PMThe Two Biggest Digital Ad Networks Aren’t Interested In Your Cryptocurrency Schemes
March 14 2018 12:49 PMGoogle Invented a Cool New System for Mapping the World
March 13 2018 6:30 PMSmart Speakers Will Soon Talk to Police. That’s Not As Bad As It Sounds.You don’t need to worry about Alexa’s latest partnership. At least not yet.
March 13 2018 4:04 PMWhy Is the U.S. Government Really Afraid Of a Qualcomm-Broadcom Merger?The “national security” reason doesn’t make much sense.
March 13 2018 7:34 AMThe Rise of Dismal Science FictionTo understand our economic system, we need speculative stories.
March 12 2018 11:28 AMWatch John Oliver Explain Bitcoin Using Chicken McNuggets and Beanie Babies
March 10 2018 8:00 AMEasy FixThere a simple way to make phone repairs easier, even if big tech companies like Apple disagree.
March 9 2018 2:25 PMSteven Seagal Endorsed a Dodgy Cryptocurrency. Now It’s in Legal Trouble.
March 9 2018 12:15 AMLies Travel Faster Than Truth on Twitter—and Now We Know Who to BlameIt isn’t bots, according to a major new study. It’s us.
March 8 2018 3:44 PMSri Lanka Blocks Social Media Amid Sectarian Violence
March 16 2018 2:01 PMWhat We’ve Really Learned From the Twin AstronautsScott Kelly’s DNA did change during his year in space—but not in the way you think.
March 16 2018 7:30 AMThe Wikipedia Page for St. Patrick Is Surprisingly GoodHere’s why.
March 15 2018 4:58 PMMark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey Are Getting More and More Pressure to Sit in Congress’ Hot Seat
March 14 2018 8:08 PMCould California Effectively Restore Net Neutrality for the Entire Country?
March 14 2018 5:26 PMFlorida Department of Citrus Employee Allegedly Used Work Computers to Mine Cryptocurrency
March 14 2018 3:31 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Lies Spread Faster than Truths on Twitter, Too
March 14 2018 7:30 AMWhen Disaster Is Always LoomingHow people in Nepal live with the threat of a dangerous glacial lake outburst flood caused by climate change.
March 13 2018 4:51 PMThere’s a Flying-Taxi Startup From Google’s Co-Founder. Should We Take It Seriously?
March 13 2018 2:06 PMSanctuary Cities Are Handing ICE a MapBy capturing and sharing their residents’ license-plate data, they may be unwittingly helping Trump’s deportation force.
March 12 2018 12:38 PMNetflix Is Introducing a Great New Way to Motivate Your Kids to Watch More TV
March 12 2018 8:00 AMShould This Thing Be Smart? Toothbrush Edition.If you have been looking for an oral surveillance device, this might be the toothbrush for you.
March 9 2018 3:13 PMReport: U.S. Tech Company’s Devices Were Used to Inject Surveillance Malware Into Computers in the Middle East
March 9 2018 2:06 PMAfter Iran Lifted a Ban on Telegram, It Continued to Throttle Access
March 8 2018 7:04 PMPlease Enjoy This Absurd Bitcoin Rap Video Even if You Hate Bitcoin
March 7 2018 9:01 PM An Online Hub for Gamers Is Allowing Groups That Deify School Shooters to Flourish