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Where Amazon Alexa Is Headed Next

Oct. 20 2017 3:28 PMWhat to Make of the Leaked Audio From Facebook’s Security Chief
Oct. 20 2017 7:39 AMThe Problem With the “Pipeline”A pervasive metaphor in STEM education has some serious flaws.
Oct. 19 2017 1:45 PMThis Bill Would Help Stop Russia From Buying Online Election AdsBut will Congress pass it?
Oct. 19 2017 11:25 AMThis Boulder City Council Candidate Wants People to Tell Him How to Vote—Using an App
Oct. 18 2017 6:51 PMGoogle’s Game-Playing A.I. Made Big Leaps This Week. Here’s What It Tells Us About A.I.’s Future.
Oct. 18 2017 3:46 PMLast Month’s Jobs Report Hints at Our Climate-Changed Economy’s Future
Oct. 18 2017 12:08 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Unhappy Cybersecurity Awareness Month
Oct. 17 2017 6:20 PMShould Political Ads on Facebook Include Disclaimers?The FEC wants your opinion.
Oct. 17 2017 1:46 PMUnpopular Opinion: The “1 Like = 1 Unpopular Opinion” Meme Is Bad
Oct. 17 2017 12:15 PMAttack of the Hack BackThe worst idea in cybersecurity is back again.
Oct. 17 2017 10:51 AMThe Curse of the Halfway TechnologyIt can feel like we’re at a technological endpoint—but there’s more to be done.
Oct. 16 2017 3:23 PMTropical Storm Ophelia Really Did Break the Weather Forecast Grid
Oct. 16 2017 12:16 PMCritical Wi-Fi Security Flaw Leaves Communications Exposed to Eavesdroppers
Oct. 13 2017 3:00 PMAirbnb is Opening an Apartment Building Near Disney World
Oct. 13 2017 10:24 AMIt’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Do You Feel More Cybersecure and Aware Yet?
Oct. 20 2017 2:45 PMWill Egypt’s Jailed Bloggers Ever See Justice?
Oct. 19 2017 5:48 PMGoogle and Facebook Helped Campaigns Confuse Voters, Stoke Bigotry Before the Election
Oct. 19 2017 12:25 PMNative American Tribe Helping Supercomputer Company to Sue Amazon and Microsoft
Oct. 19 2017 7:19 AMSmallpox Could Again Be a Serious ThreatIf we don’t take steps now, synthetic biology could let bad actors re-create the devastating virus.
Oct. 18 2017 4:09 PMFormer Tesla Factory Workers Allege Racist Insults and Graffiti in Lawsuit
Oct. 18 2017 12:29 PMTwitter Is Rolling Out Stricter Rules on Sexual Abuse, Violence, and Hate Speech
Oct. 17 2017 7:28 PMGoogle's New Super-Secure Email Is Designed For High-Profile Targets. Would It Have Protected Hillary's Campaign?
Oct. 17 2017 4:12 PMTwitter Is Shutting Down a Conservative Group’s Automated Tweets
Oct. 17 2017 12:38 PMAre Self-Driving Cars the Future of Mobility for People With Disabilities?
Oct. 17 2017 11:19 AMThe Future of Cybersecurity Might Look a Lot Like Snapchat
Oct. 16 2017 3:56 PMGoogle Taught A.I. How to Program More A.I.
Oct. 16 2017 1:14 PMRetyping the Future’s PastAn archival transcription project from the University of Iowa invites us to explore the history of science fiction.
Oct. 13 2017 6:18 PMBaseless Fears of the Yellowstone Supervolcano Erupt Again
Oct. 13 2017 12:33 PMTwitter May Have Erased Critical Evidence for the Russia Investigation
Oct. 12 2017 9:37 PMThe Strangest Incident of Russian Meddling in 2016 Involved Black Lives Matter and Pókemon Go