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Venezuela’s Bizarre Campaign to Launch Its Own Cryptocurrency

Feb. 23 2018 10:15 AMManafort Left an Incriminating Paper Trail Because He Couldn’t Figure Out How to Convert PDFs to Word Files
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Feb. 22 2018 2:36 PMWhy Is Someone Impersonating Michael Chabon on Instagram?
Feb. 22 2018 12:41 PMFanning the Flames of America’s Racial Tensions Is As Russian As Vodka and BliniPart of the art of information warfare is that fabricating storylines isn’t a prerequisite.
Feb. 22 2018 5:55 AMWatch SpaceX’s Paz Satellite Launch (Update: It Launched!)
Feb. 21 2018 1:55 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: New Future Tense Fiction, Black Panther, and Russian Bots
Feb. 21 2018 11:11 AMEmbed With the DevilA new legal ruling could cause major headaches for web publishers that embed tweets.
Feb. 21 2018 9:01 AMThe Smart Home DilemmaNnedi’s Okorafor’s “Mother of Invention” illustrates some of the Internet of Things discussions we need to have.
Feb. 20 2018 5:51 PMWhat Black Panther Could Mean for the Afrofuturism Movement
Feb. 20 2018 12:27 PMRussian Bots Wasted No Time Trying to Confuse People After the Mueller Indictment and the Parkland Shooting
Feb. 16 2018 7:50 PMHow the Internet Companies That Sold Ads to Russian Trolls Can Fix the Problem
Feb. 16 2018 4:12 PMWhat Good Is an Indictment for Online Election Meddling?The U.S. keeps filing indictments for cyberconflicts, even though nothing ever comes from them.
Feb. 15 2018 5:56 PMIn Leaked Docs, European Commission Says Internet Companies Should Self-Regulate on Harmful Speech
Feb. 14 2018 7:32 PMThis Senator Sent Tinder a Valentine’s Letter to Demand It Finally Make Its Network Secure
Feb. 14 2018 2:54 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: What Do We Call a Data Breach That Isn’t a Breach?
Feb. 23 2018 9:54 AMSpanish Man Faces Prison for Misogynistic Tweets
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Feb. 22 2018 1:04 PMTwitter is Really Cracking Down on Bots
Feb. 22 2018 7:32 AMWhat Our Democracy Needs to KnowA Future Tense event recap.
Feb. 21 2018 6:16 PMYouTube Boosted a Conspiracy Theory Video About a Florida Shooting Survivor Because It Contained a Real News Clip
Feb. 21 2018 12:17 PMThe FCC’s Net Neutrality Repeal Hits the Books on ThursdayHere’s what that means, and what you can expect next.
Feb. 21 2018 10:31 AMCome to a Free Screening of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Feb. 21 2018 9:00 AM“Mother of Invention”A new short story by the author of Marvel’s Black Panther: Long Live the King.
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Feb. 15 2018 2:25 PMOh Great, Now Cryptocurrency Is Disrupting the Search for Aliens
Feb. 14 2018 3:18 PMWe’ve All Cried in Public. This Site Lets Us Map Those Feelings.
Feb. 14 2018 1:42 PMWhy Would a Tech Journalist Be Friends With a Neo-Nazi Troll?Quinn Norton’s friendship with the notorious Weev helped lose her a job at the New York Times. She wasn’t his only unlikely pal.