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Amazon’s Alexa Keeps Quoting Jeff Bezos to Me

An alarmingly deep dive into the shallow Daily Quotes skill from the Amazon Echo.

Feb. 14 2019 6:21 PMRussian Region Declares Emergency After Polar Bears Terrorize Town
Feb. 13 2019 4:29 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: If It Can Happen to the World’s Richest Man …
Feb. 13 2019 1:37 PMWhy Humanitarians Are Worried About Palantir’s New Partnership With the U.N.The infamous data-analytics firm is now working with one of the planet’s largest aid organizations. What could go wrong?
Feb. 11 2019 1:12 PMPatriot Act Is Not Afraid of Silicon ValleyHasan Minhaj’s Netflix show goes further than even John Oliver in skewering technology.
Feb. 8 2019 8:45 AMPeople Don’t Trust Blockchain SystemsBut trust is key for blockchain. Now what?
Feb. 6 2019 3:43 PMThe Nervous Laughter of the Super Bowl’s Robot AdsWe fear automation and A.I. just enough to satirize them.
Feb. 5 2019 5:04 PMYou Should Never Have Trusted Flickr to Protect Your Cherished Photos
Feb. 5 2019 5:50 AMI Want DNA That WayThe Backstreet Boys’ new album and tour features a very old-school depiction of DNA.
Feb. 4 2019 3:19 PMFace-OffSan Francisco is considering a bill that would ban law enforcement from using facial recognition software.
Jan. 31 2019 8:47 PMToday Is a Huge Day in the Fight to Restore Net Neutrality
Jan. 30 2019 4:08 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Digital Body Armor
Jan. 29 2019 4:16 PMHow TV Meteorologists Can Talk About Climate Change Even During a Polar VortexAn interview with Climate Central’s Sean Sublette.
Jan. 29 2019 1:28 PMSpy vs. Bad SpySloppy attempts to fool two surveillance researchers would have been funny if they hadn’t been so sinister.
Jan. 26 2019 9:01 AMWhat’s in It for the Trolls?Ken Liu’s “Thoughts and Prayers” shows how the cruelest of online harassers convince themselves they’re doing the right thing.
Jan. 25 2019 7:39 PMWhy Facebook Must Be Very Careful Combining Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp
Feb. 13 2019 5:38 PMThere Is No New BackpageThe government crackdown on online sex trafficking changed the business of sex—and left many consensual sex workers feeling less safe.
Feb. 13 2019 4:12 PMThe NYPD’s Misguided War on WazeThere’s nothing the government can do about the navigation app disclosing the location of DWI checkpoints.
Feb. 12 2019 5:59 PMWhy Are Apple and Google Hosting an App That Subjugates Saudi Women?
Feb. 8 2019 5:05 PMRussian Media Reports That Google Is Removing Banned Sites From Search
Feb. 7 2019 8:00 AMChina’s Privacy ConundrumThe country is increasingly protecting consumers from tech companies even as government surveillance intensifies.
Feb. 6 2019 2:55 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: They Want (DNA) That Way
Feb. 5 2019 2:16 PMRussia Embraces Disinformation About DisinformationIt’s clear the U.S. needs to try something new to get Russia to knock it off.
Feb. 4 2019 5:09 PMWhat Should We Call Members of a Space Force?Soldier, sailor, airman, Marine, Coast Guardsman, and … ?
Feb. 1 2019 5:35 PMRussia Wants to Outlaw Fake NewsIf passed, the new legislation would control what Russians can say on the internet.
Jan. 31 2019 4:13 PMFacebook Paid People $20 a Month for Access to All Their Digital Activity. Why Did They Sign Up?What the going rate for the hyper-invasive program tells us about the evolving understanding of our personal data’s value.
Jan. 30 2019 7:30 AMTelecom Companies Are Seriously Overhyping 5G NetworksThe marketing gimmicks would be hilarious if they didn’t come with potentially major consequences.
Jan. 29 2019 3:16 PMApple’s Frightful FaceTime Bug Is a Reminder That We’re Never Really Safe OnlineEven from tech companies we “trust.”
Jan. 28 2019 4:51 PMWhy Wikipedia’s Medical Content Is SuperiorThe reason is six degrees from Kevin Bacon.
Jan. 26 2019 9:00 AM“Thoughts and Prayers”A new short story looks at how much worse trolling could get.
Jan. 25 2019 5:18 PMThe Venezuelan Crisis Also Lives Online