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Blockchain Is Helping to Circumvent Censorship in China

It’s not all hype—at least this time.

July 17 2018 2:17 PMThe Big Tech Companies’ Congressional Hearing Got Interesting When They Were Asked About Other Countries Abusing Their Platforms
July 16 2018 10:50 AMMueller’s Latest Indictment Suggests Russia’s Infiltration of U.S. Election Systems Could Get WorseWith the 2018 midterms looming, we need to prepare for an even more damaging attack.
July 14 2018 2:25 PMWhy Does Microsoft Want a Government Crackdown on Face Recognition?
July 13 2018 3:17 PMRussian Operatives Allegedly Funded Their Hacking With Bitcoin During the 2016 Campaign
July 12 2018 10:43 AMBrett Kavanaugh Has Some Alarmingly Outdated Views on PrivacyThe future Supreme Court will likely face questions about police drones, facial recognition software, and big data. But Trump’s nominee is still stuck in the age of beepers.
July 11 2018 3:00 PMDNA Testing on Separated Migrant Families Needs Robust Privacy SafeguardsGenetic data may help reunify families fast. But without limitations, there’s serious potential for misuse.
July 10 2018 9:00 AMThe iPhone’s Face ID Struggles in the MorningThanks a lot, Apple.
July 9 2018 8:00 AMShould This Thing Be Smart? Mirror Edition.Mirror mirror on the wall, are you really worth $1,199 after all?
July 5 2018 5:45 AMThere Won’t Be a Single Moment When We “Discover” Alien LifeThat’s not how science works.
July 3 2018 8:00 AMJust How Transparent Can a Criminal Justice Algorithm Be?Pennsylvania is trying to figure it out.
July 2 2018 2:46 PMWhat Facebook Admitted and Omitted in Its 747 Pages of Answers for Congress
June 30 2018 12:19 PMThe Salesforce of Sun SalutationsHow Mindbody came to dominate the lucrative business of booking your yoga and pilates classes.
June 29 2018 4:19 PMComcast Nationwide Xfinity Outage Caused by a Cut in a Fiber Line
June 28 2018 6:34 PMCalifornia Just Passed the Strictest Online Privacy Bill in the Country
June 28 2018 11:41 AMA Digital Stop and FriskNewark, New Jersey’s new street surveillance program is a disaster in the making.
July 16 2018 12:55 PMMillions of Verizon Customers’ Information Was Exposed Because of a Third Party It Hired to Analyze the Data (Update: Actually, This Happened Last Year)
July 16 2018 9:51 AMWith its New Line-up of Funded News Shows, Facebook Sure Does Look Like a Media CompanyAnd it’s going to have a tougher time explaining why traditional media regulations shouldn’t apply to them.
July 13 2018 8:19 PMWhat the Latest Mueller Indictment Reveals About Guccifer 2.0, the “Lone Hacker” Who Was Really a Group of Russian Agents
July 12 2018 4:02 PMWhy Kids May Be the Key to Communicating With Alien LifeIn a hypothetical first contact situation, toddlers may be our best hope.
July 11 2018 4:48 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: A Rocky Legal Future for an Open Internet
July 11 2018 8:32 AMIs Lab-Grown Meat Really Meat?A labeling war is brewing.
July 9 2018 11:46 PMBrett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court Nomination Is Bad News for an Open Internet
July 5 2018 3:48 PMFacebook Found “Hate Speech” in the Declaration of Independence
July 3 2018 2:26 PMSome Samsung Galaxy Users Say Their Phones Are Spontaneously Texting Photos to Contacts
July 2 2018 4:29 PMFacebook Accidentally Unblocked a Bunch of Blocked Users
July 2 2018 11:43 AMThirty Years WarmerIn 1988, James Hansen warned the nation about climate change. Decades later, is American public opinion finally catching up?
June 29 2018 5:22 PMInspiring Mexicans to “Imagine Amazing Things.” In Space.One man’s odyssey to launch his own satellite, and inspire his fellow citizens to do the same.
June 29 2018 11:55 AMA Quiz App Exposed 120 Million People’s Facebook Data—and Cambridge Analytica Had Nothing to Do With It
June 28 2018 3:07 PMWhy Do We Need a Space Nation?An interview with the president of Asgardia.
June 27 2018 6:41 PMThe DOJ Ran a Bitcoin Laundering Sting to Catch Drug Dealers and It Worked