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Future Tense Newsletter: When Alexa Can’t Hear You

Oct. 16 2018 5:10 PMElizabeth Warren Has Set a Dangerous PrecedentWill other politicians be bullied into releasing their genetic information, too?
Oct. 15 2018 9:43 AMWhen Can the Government Shoot Down Civilian Drones?A new law gives authorities more power to take down possible threats—but some civil liberties groups worry that it goes too far.
Oct. 12 2018 4:45 PMHow to Tell Whether Your Account Was Hit by the Massive Facebook HackPhone numbers, emails, your religion, your hometown, and even what you searched for all could have been exposed.
Oct. 11 2018 11:18 AMAmazon Owes Wikipedia Big-TimeSmart speakers are taking advantage of the free labor of Wikipedia volunteers.
Oct. 10 2018 5:07 PMPrivacy Not IncludedNew gadgets from Google and Facebook look fun and useful. But that’s no longer enough.
Oct. 10 2018 2:44 PMCan Paper Ballots Save Our Democracy?Amid fears of voting-machine hacks, some election-security experts are advocating for a return to the past.
Oct. 10 2018 9:00 AMShould This Thing Be Smart? Bike Lock Edition.If you have been looking for a bike lock that will give your mom a heart attack every time you come to a hard stop on a bumpy road, this is the one for you.
Oct. 9 2018 4:45 PMPeople Ages 27 to 45 Can Now Get the HPV VaccineBut will it be covered by insurance?
Oct. 5 2018 1:21 PMLooking Down Under for a Back DoorA proposed law in Australia could give U.S. law enforcement access to encrypted communications.
Oct. 4 2018 3:55 PMThere Is No Good Way to Stop China From Planting Microchips in American ElectronicsFundamentally, there is no way to secure a global supply chain and manufacturing process.
Oct. 3 2018 3:48 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: This Is Not a Test of the Presidential-Alert System
Oct. 3 2018 11:48 AMNo, You Cannot Opt Out of Today’s Presidential Alert Text Message
Oct. 2 2018 7:03 PMElon MuzzledTesla has been ordered to put in place “controls and procedures to oversee Musk’s communications.” Does that include the ones about the aliens, pedos, and “the D”?
Oct. 1 2018 4:25 PMThe Federal Government and California Are Officially at War Over Net NeutralityHere’s what happens next.
Sept. 30 2018 2:09 PMThe Debate Over “Devil’s Triangle” Shows Wikipedia at Its Best
Oct. 16 2018 7:30 AMWhen Alexa Can’t Understand YouPeople with speech disabilities are being left out of the voice-assistant revolution.
Oct. 12 2018 5:51 PMThe Facebook Hack Could Haunt Its Victims for Years to ComeWe finally know more about what happened—and it’s not good.
Oct. 12 2018 2:54 PMHow Much Could Jamal Khashoggi’s Apple Watch Tell Us About His Disappearance?
Oct. 10 2018 5:09 PMWho Is the We in “We Are Causing Climate Change”?Everyone is not equally complicit here.
Oct. 10 2018 3:46 PMFuture Tense Newsletter: Everything Is Compromised
Oct. 10 2018 10:34 AMGoogle Did the Right ThingDespite negative coverage, the company handled the vulnerability around Google Plus properly.
Oct. 9 2018 4:56 PMEditing the Internet’s Second ScreenHow Wikipedia deals with vandals, harassers, false news, and its diversity problem.
Oct. 8 2018 8:00 AMHow Sci-Fi Like WarGames Led to Real Policy During the Reagan AdministrationFrom hacking legislation to missile defense.
Oct. 5 2018 7:37 AMYou Can Now Read Mark Judge’s Book Without Paying Almost $2,000. But Is the Free Online Copy Legal?
Oct. 4 2018 7:30 AMSiri Is Not Your New Celebrity GossipmongerAn updated Siri is keeping up with the Kardashians—but only when they get married, have kids, or die.
Oct. 3 2018 12:34 PMDo Not Be Alarmed by the Test of the Presidential Alert Text Message SystemWe need this badly. Plus, there are layers of bureaucracy to protect you from a middle-of-the-night message from Trump.
Oct. 3 2018 7:30 AMWhy I’m Worried About GoogleI used to trust some of its products, like Chrome. I increasingly don’t.
Oct. 2 2018 10:52 AMThe Very First Social NetworkHow a 1979 chain email about science fiction spawned the internet we know today.
Sept. 30 2018 8:00 PMJournalists Just Can’t Quit Microsoft Word. But Some Are Trying.We’re not quite ready to Accept This Change.
Sept. 28 2018 2:48 PMNow Is a Pretty Inconvenient Time for So Many Senators to Have Full Voicemail Inboxes