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Future Tense

What a Gymnastics Coach Thinks About Boston Dynamics’ New Flipping Robot

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Nov. 14 2017 4:32 PMUber Sued by Women Who Allege They Were Sexually Assaulted by Their Drivers
Nov. 14 2017 11:17 AMTech Products Should Cater to the Bleeding Edge CasesTechnology succeeds when it’s designed for unusual users—not typical ones.
Nov. 13 2017 10:01 PMWikiLeaks Was Really, Really Dumb to Send Twitter DMs to Donald Trump Jr.
Nov. 13 2017 5:37 PMThere’s Now a Boat Named Ferry McFerryface Because Internet Voting Can Only End One Way in 2017
Nov. 13 2017 2:53 PMMy Dumb Tweet About Owl Orgasms and Socialism Went ViralIt was a hoot—but it also taught me a lot about Twitter.
Nov. 10 2017 6:23 PMKeep Twitter Scannable! A Plea for the 280 Era.
Nov. 10 2017 9:11 AMThe Fragmented Surveillance StateForget Big Brother surveillance. We have thousands of little brothers and sisters.
Nov. 17 2017 6:29 PMTrump's FCC Is About to Destroy Net Neutrality, and a Democratic Commissioner Is Calling Foul
Nov. 17 2017 2:34 PMShould This Thing Be Smart? Socks Edition.These socks could make you a better runner. They could also make you a pariah.
Nov. 17 2017 1:34 PMI Tried a Bottle of the New Synthetic WineIt doesn’t taste half bad.
Nov. 16 2017 6:07 PMThe Amazon Key Lets Delivery People In When You're Not There. Researchers Just Found A Way To Disable Your Security Camera.
Nov. 16 2017 1:39 PMWhen Should the Government Stockpile Software Vulnerabilities?A new process attempts to help guide decision-making.
Nov. 15 2017 9:44 PMTwitter Unverified a Bunch of White Nationalists and Anti-Muslim Activists, Including Richard Spencer
Nov. 15 2017 6:01 PMIn 2016, Russian Bots Were Busy Supporting Brexit, Too
Nov. 15 2017 1:21 PMHerpes Vaccine Research Supported by Peter Thiel Could Put a University’s Funding at Risk
Nov. 14 2017 12:52 PMMore Than 80 Ohio State University Students Accused of Cheating Using a Group-Messaging App
Nov. 14 2017 10:34 AMOrganic Food Fight!A turf battle over soilless farming unearths a dirty secret.
Nov. 13 2017 6:13 PMGoogle CEO Reportedly Confused a Black Female Engineer With an Administrative Assistant
Nov. 13 2017 3:54 PMSean Hannity’s Brief War With Keurig Was the Internet Fight We All Needed
Nov. 13 2017 2:46 PMA Computer Glitch Likely Extended a Man's Jail Sentence by Five Months
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