Future Tense

Innovation Starvation, the Next Generation

Humankind has lots of great ideas for the future. We need people to carry them out.

Sept. 29 2014 6:17 PMThe CIA Still Redacts How Much It Paid for PCs in 1987
Sept. 29 2014 4:29 PMBarry Bonds Finally Admits to Glassing
Sept. 29 2014 1:16 PMTweeting While Watching TV Linked to Fewer Brain Cells
Sept. 29 2014 10:29 AMFlip Through the Skymall of the Near Future
Sept. 26 2014 3:50 PMAustralia on the Verge of Permitting Alarmingly Broad Internet Surveillance 
Sept. 26 2014 1:07 PMTrendy Social Network Ello Doesn’t Seem That Great, but I’ll Use It if Everyone Else Does
Sept. 25 2014 6:13 PMFBI Director Slams Apple and Google Over New User Privacy Protections
Sept. 25 2014 1:29 PMCirque du Soleil Is Incorporating Drones
Sept. 25 2014 11:06 AMFighting Climate Change and Capitalism at the Same TimeA Q&A with Naomi Klein.
Sept. 24 2014 6:27 PMNational Weather Service Finally Entering a Committed Relationship With Twitter
Sept. 24 2014 3:35 PMApple Breaks New iPhones With Terrible Software Update
Sept. 24 2014 1:51 PMThe Latest iPhone Scandal: “Bendghazi”
Sept. 24 2014 12:11 PMMIT Students Are Fighting a Subpoena for the Source Code to a Bitcoin Mining Project
Sept. 24 2014 9:51 AMThe Saudi Arabia of the South PacificHow Australia became the dirtiest polluter in the developed world.
Sept. 23 2014 5:36 PMThis Climate Change Poem Moved World Leaders to Tears Today
Sept. 29 2014 4:55 PMYour Facebook Data Is About to Start Following You Everywhere You Go
Sept. 29 2014 1:20 PMNorth Korea Issues Cellphone Etiquette Guide
Sept. 29 2014 12:23 PMAntarctic Ice Melt Causes Small Shift in Gravity
Sept. 29 2014 9:00 AMDon’t Diss DystopiasSci-fi’s warning tales are as important as its optimistic stories.
Sept. 26 2014 2:45 PMA Significant Part of the Aral Sea Is Now “Completely Dried”
Sept. 25 2014 6:29 PMLenders Can Remotely Disable Cars if People Don’t Pay Their Loan Bills
Sept. 25 2014 5:26 PMApple: “A Total of 9 Customers” Complained of Bent Phones
Sept. 25 2014 11:28 AMApple’s New Predictive Texting Feature Tried to Cause Trouble in My Marriage
Sept. 25 2014 10:14 AMHigh-Rise IQ TestHow “smart” will New York City’s next-generation public housing be?
Sept. 24 2014 5:25 PMThe Threat to Leak Nude Photos of Emma Watson Was Actually a Tone-Deaf Internet Hoax
Sept. 24 2014 2:30 PMNetizen Report: EU Attempts to Bust Popular “Myths” About the Right to Be Forgotten
Sept. 24 2014 1:05 PMMicrowaves Don’t Charge iPhones. You Know That, Right?
Sept. 24 2014 11:33 AMBuild SomethingThe computer science answer to Habitat for Humanity.
Sept. 24 2014 8:37 AMThe Dystopian City and Urban PolicyScience fiction has inspired scientists and political activists, but it should be an inspiration for municipal governments too.
Sept. 23 2014 1:50 PMOh, the Futility! Frogs Try to Catch Worms off of an iPhone Video.