Bill Hader Hosts SNL: Stefon returns to Weekend Update (VIDEO).

Bill Hader Returned to SNL Last Night. And Yes, So Did Stefon.

Bill Hader Returned to SNL Last Night. And Yes, So Did Stefon.

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Oct. 12 2014 1:11 PM

Bill Hader and Stefon Make a Triumphant, Hilarious Return to SNL


Still from Hulu

Bill Hader hosted SNL last night, in what was a triumphant return for the man who over eight seasons proved to be one of the best utility players the show ever had. And yes, after several hints from John Mulaney and countless predictions from fans all week, Hader’s beloved character Stefon made an appearance on Weekend Update.

Per usual, the Update’s anxiety-ridden “city correspondent” dished on New York’s latest nightlife and tourist attractions. Also per usual, Hader breaks character multiple times, a result of co-writer Mulaney’s penchant for switching out cue cards with new or inside jokes. Bill Murray recently argued that Hader “did the best work anyone ever did” on SNL, and characters like Stefon, for whom Hader seamlessly assumes extreme comic personas, give credence to that claim. Elsewhere in the episode, Hader reprised another recurring character, Herb Welch, with promising new cast member Pete Davidson.

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