Sufjan Stevens A Little Lost Cover: Arthur Russell’s plaintive ballad gets reimagined in a catchy new rendition.

Sufjan Stevens Does a Great, Quirky Cover of Arthur Russell’s “A Little Lost”

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July 29 2014 10:28 PM

Sufjan Stevens Does a Great, Quirky Cover of Arthur Russell’s “A Little Lost”

Sufjan Stevens.

Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

Sufjan Stevens has eclectic tastes, so his musical choices—whether it’s making a Christmas album or singing the national anthem—are always surprising. His latest venture is no different: Stevens today released a glitchy, intricate rendition of Arthur Russell’s “A Little Lost.”

The cover is off the Red Hot Organization’s forthcoming Russell tribute album, Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell, which will include contributions from the likes of Robyn, Hot Chip, and Devendra Banhart. Stevens’ version of “A Little Lost” sounds much like his work on Age of Adz, with lots of layered vocals and electronic influences. It’s not better than the original—Russell’s vulnerable, acoustic performance is hard to beat—but it’s a fun and satisfying reimagining of the track.


(via Pitchfork.)

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