Tom Cruise rides motorcycles, the supercut: Edge of Tomorrow star really loves motorbikes (VIDEO).

Tom Cruise Sure Does Ride Motorcycles

Tom Cruise Sure Does Ride Motorcycles

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June 6 2014 9:53 AM

Tom Cruise Sure Does Ride Motorcycles

Tom Cruise in Oblivion
Even in a spaceship-filled future, Tom Cruise still rides a motorcycle.

Still from Oblivion © Universal Pictures

For all the Tom Cruise-y moments in Edge of Tomorrow, the Tom Cruise-iest is when his character somehow escapes the base just so he can ride a motorcycle. Action stars like James Bond drive cars, but Tom Cruise rides motorcycles. Ideally to music, while wearing sunglasses.

Cruise’s love of motorcycles goes way back: He says he bought (and crashed) his first motorcycle when he was only “about 10 years old.” In the movies, the love affair began with Top Gun’s Berlin-scored sunset rides, and even when he played a racecar driver in Days of Thunder, he still rode his bike to the track. These days, no Tom Cruise movie is complete without a motorcycle ride: For the futuristic sci-fi movie Oblivion, they even designed him a special future bike. To recap Cruise’s cycling adventures thus far before Edge of Tomorrow, Vulture made the supercut above, reminiscent of the classic montage of Tom Cruise running. Enjoy.

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