Slate's American Idol survey.

Slate's American Idol survey.

Slate's American Idol survey.

Slate in motion.
April 18 2007 4:39 PM

American Idol: The Slate Survey

Who are this week's real bottom three?

So, Sanjaya held on last week, even though our survey respondents thought he gave the worst performance. However, if you removed the controversial Mr. Malakar from the mix, our poll was spot on. Haley Scarnato was judged by our survey to be the second-worst performer of the week, and she was indeed the one "America" voted off. Also, on the show Haley shared the "bottom-three" dubious distinction with Chris Richardson and Phil Stacey. They were also the bottom three in our poll (if, again, you remove Sanjaya from the lowest spot).

What does this tell us? American Idol allows people to vote as many times as they want, whether or not they've watched the show. This might allow someone who's popular for reasons other than, say, his singing ability to remain alive. In our survey, conducted by, respondents must watch each performance and then can only register their opinions once. So, it seems when faced with a more objective form of judging, Sanjaya doesn't fare very well.

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Andy Bowers, the creator and executive producer of Slate podcasts, is the co-founder and chief content officer of Panoply.

But that was last week. What about this week? Watch our latest survey video, based on respondents who watched the Tuesday, April 17, performances, to see who should get the boot on tonight's results show:

We asked voters to watch a clip of president, and record their level of agreement with his remarks via the Internet. Here are the results, organized by party affiliation.; bush; george bush; Iraq; Iraq War; speech;

And for more detailed results of the survey, click on this graph:

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Compare our results to the actual losers when they're announced tonight on Fox.

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