America by Train

A simple phone camera creates a beautiful travelogue of the continental U.S.

Nov. 25 2015 1:13 PMA Rare Glimpse of Wild Siberian TigersHer three cubs are a good sign.
Nov. 22 2015 3:08 PMThe Finch Tap DanceHigh-speed cameras reveal a mating dance previously invisible to humans.
Nov. 19 2015 9:34 AMSix Steps to Becoming Donald TrumpThe $4,000 custom wig is optional.
Nov. 18 2015 12:03 PMA Little WindyHow to measure weather on a distant, volatile planet.  
Nov. 16 2015 1:12 PMDon’t Believe Me? Just Watch.A charming mashup of “Uptown Funk” and old Hollywood dance scenes.
Nov. 14 2015 7:06 AMA Mysterious Look Inside GizaNew scans suggest there may be something unknown in the great pyramid.
Nov. 12 2015 2:49 PMBig Cats Need Boxes, TooHousehold cats aren’t the only ones who love their cardboard.
Nov. 11 2015 3:07 PMOn a Wingsuit and a PrayerWhat it's like to soar down a French mountainside, from three breathtaking angles.
Nov. 10 2015 12:31 PMParliamentary Fight ClubFirst rule: awkwardly roll around on the ground.
Nov. 8 2015 2:00 PMAn iPhone’s Best FriendGlass nearly as strong as steel could be coming to our screens.
Nov. 7 2015 7:57 AMWhen You Wish Upon a Death StarA very special Star Wars-John Lewis Christmas parody.
Nov. 6 2015 11:17 AMWhite WhaleIt may not be Melville’s leviathan, but the Omura’s whale is every bit as mysterious.
Nov. 4 2015 1:47 PMCalling From a TreeA man was trapped in a tree by rising floodwaters, but that didn't stop him from signing up for a local news interview.
Nov. 3 2015 11:26 AMLet This Thirsty Pavement Drink Your Excess WaterIt could absorb runoff from flash floods.
Nov. 2 2015 12:48 PMThe Electric Eel Death SpiralHow the notorious fish take down especially large, feisty prey.
Nov. 24 2015 10:36 AMMotorbike Jet SkiWe repeat: motor bike jet ski.
Nov. 21 2015 8:13 AMHow Do Bats Land Upside Down?An incredible maneuver, explained with slow-motion video.
Nov. 19 2015 8:31 AMPower PlantAn ingenious method can produce electricity from plants in the ground.
Nov. 18 2015 8:42 AMCalling Call Me IshmaelThe people behind the beloved YouTube series reach beyond the Internet.
Nov. 15 2015 2:45 PMThe Solar System’s Most Distant Dwarf PlanetIt’s only nine and a half billion miles away from the sun.
Nov. 13 2015 12:14 PMHow Mars Lost Its OceansWatch solar winds slowly erode the atmosphere.
Nov. 11 2015 4:10 PMMST3K, Er, 2016?We may soon be headed back to the Satellite of Love.
Nov. 11 2015 1:43 AMThe Fox Business Republican Debate in 90 SecondsEverything you missed, for better or worse.
Nov. 10 2015 11:59 AMStuckSometimes, a skydiver’s jumpsuit gets caught on the plane. This is one of those times.
Nov. 7 2015 9:01 AMThe Next CuriosityExoMars will arrive to Mars in 2018.
Nov. 6 2015 1:30 PMBigbird Learns to FishThe most emotional video you’ll see all day. Seriously.
Nov. 5 2015 5:34 PMWe Remixed Ben Carson’s Campaign RapNow with more homophobia!
Nov. 3 2015 5:46 PMFormer Presidents With Criminal RecordsHillary Clinton bravely defends a disadvantaged class.
Nov. 2 2015 1:00 PMA World InsideThis beautiful table is actually packed with secret compartments.
Oct. 31 2015 7:49 AMWhat Is This Odd Space Junk?Our planet is surrounded by trash, but none quite like this.