Shark Week Was Never About the Sharks

Staged documentaries are bad, but decades of exploiting shark fears is worse.

Aug. 20 2014 1:33 PMA Tipping Point for ElephantsPoachers have slaughtered 100,000 in just three years. 
Aug. 18 2014 12:23 PMWhat’s the Best Way to Stack Spherical Objects?A 400-year-old theory, finally confirmed.
Aug. 11 2014 1:21 PMApproachability, Youthful Attractiveness, DominanceThe basic facial expressions that determine first impressions.  
Aug. 4 2014 2:53 PM“Uncontacted” Indigenous Tribe Appears in BrazilEncounters in the Amazon basin are rare and can be deadly. 
July 31 2014 3:10 PMStuntman Jumps off of a Roof, Films It With a GoProDon't try this at home.
July 30 2014 3:54 PMPound ItProof that handshakes are grosser than fist bumps.
July 28 2014 1:45 PMFreezing Memories in TimeCarnegie Mellon’s amazing 3-D “Panoptic Studio.”
July 24 2014 4:21 PM“Domestication Syndrome” How people physically change the animals closest to them.
July 22 2014 1:20 PMWhen Are Americans Happiest With Their Appearance?Hint: It takes a very long time.
July 18 2014 3:30 PMThe Ocean in a TankThe incredible, ominous power of the FloWave simulation pool.
July 18 2014 9:59 AMThe HoleWhat could have caused the gaping crater spotted in Sibera’s Yamal peninsula?
July 14 2014 3:28 PMWhat You Learn From 60,000 Pregnancies in Eight CountriesBabies born to healthy, educated mothers have one major thing in common.
July 11 2014 12:54 PMThe Milky Way’s Mysterious “Halo”The view from the most faraway stars in our galaxy.
July 10 2014 2:43 PMWhere’d You Get Your Grass?The “first chimp fad” suggests primates want to be fashionable, too.
July 9 2014 8:30 AMThe SodaStream Killer? Why Starbucks is getting into soda in 2014.
Aug. 18 2014 6:44 PM Jyoti Amge Joins Ryan Murphy's Freak ShowWill her American Horror Story part go too far?  
Aug. 12 2014 2:37 PMZombie StarMore than 110 million light-years away from Earth, a star lives on after its death.  
Aug. 8 2014 1:59 PMMonster PenguinPalaeeudyptes klekowskii might have reached 6 feet long and weighed up to 250 pounds.
Aug. 1 2014 11:37 AMGoodnight LemonThe moon isn’t shaped how you think it is.
July 31 2014 12:37 PMAre We Already in a Mass Extinction Event?  A biologist traced the evidence and came to a sobering conclusion.
July 29 2014 3:43 PMThe Siberian CratersMore have been found. What’s causing them?  
July 25 2014 3:17 PMShoemaker-Levy 9’s LegacyThe huge comet impact on Jupiter that helped convince NASA to track near-Earth objects.
July 24 2014 1:35 PMBring Back the StripesA sheriff claims Orange Is the New Black is forcing him to change outfits for the incarcerated.
July 21 2014 2:23 PM“Please Tell Us What You Saw … ”Will Howard Stern-inspired pranksters ever stop making it on live TV?  
July 18 2014 2:17 PMWhat if Cable News Covered the Lunar Landing?  We're a long way from Walter Cronkite.
July 15 2014 1:33 PMThey WalkPaleocharinus, a spider ancestor, was among the first land creatures on Earth. 
July 11 2014 2:23 PMThe Art of Getting American Citizenship After You’re DeadOnly seven people ever have. 
July 10 2014 6:05 PMThe Legend of PykreteA onetime World War II “supermaterial” may be making a comeback.
July 9 2014 12:58 PMHow Do We Build the Mars Colony of the Future? These 3-D-printing robots may be a start.   
July 8 2014 3:49 PMThe “Executive Function” PuzzleNew research suggests kids who direct their own activities have better outcomes.