Flying in Place

Birds soar through a wind tunnel and help reveal the secrets of flight.

May 4 2016 10:34 AMGame of Thrones in Real LifeThe tourism rush in the show's Northern Ireland locales.
May 1 2016 7:38 AMWhen Sperm Meets EggWatch the remarkable “flash” at the moment of fertilization.
April 28 2016 11:51 AMThe First and Final Frames of TV ShowsFrom Friends to The Sopranos.
April 26 2016 9:51 AMCharting the DeepHow scientists map the oceans now.
April 21 2016 8:00 PMHow to Save a Baby BirdAnd how to know when to leave it be.
April 19 2016 10:56 AMHow Ancient Bronze Statues Were MadeSee the lost-wax method in action.
April 15 2016 11:21 AMA New RembrandtCan a machine capture an artist's essential style?  
April 12 2016 10:02 AMHow Victorian Landscape Painters Used Mirrors to Frame ScenesSee the old-school practice in action at Wimpole Estate.
April 11 2016 6:40 PMAre These Two Objects the Same Size or What?A handy example of the Jastrow illusion.
April 10 2016 1:44 PMThis Metal Foam Armor Shatters Bullets on Contact It’s only an inch thick.
April 7 2016 2:08 PMTimestacked SkyThe next evolution of a time-lapse video results in a mesmerizing starscape.
April 5 2016 2:58 PMDownhill LongboardA icy ride down a bobsled track on an upgraded board.
April 3 2016 1:29 PMNASA's Inflatable Space House Heads to the ISSThe Bigelow Expandable Activity Module will be ferried to the space station this spring.
April 1 2016 12:51 PMJedi Mind TrickA video bio of Star Wars’ most iconic lightsaber.
March 31 2016 1:59 PMSaving a Vulnerable Baby Sea Turtle Is a Tough, Delicate ProcessIt is also very cute.
May 3 2016 10:26 AMWhat Is the Bernie Sanders Aesthetic?More street art than blue-chip gallery.
April 29 2016 10:39 AMMoths With a Side of MothsA slow-motion video of how bats devour their preferred prey.
April 26 2016 2:18 PMThis Dog Passes a Soccer Ball Better Than You DoAnd he is much more adorable doing it.
April 25 2016 11:32 AMChild’s DanceHow a young girl moved past cancer.
April 21 2016 10:58 AMHi-Def AurorasWe’ve never seen the Aurora Borealis quite like this.
April 15 2016 12:04 PMAir SlalomA pilot tests himself by racing through 11 mountaintop wind turbines.
April 13 2016 2:49 PMSee FoodA marine iguana devours an underwater meal.
April 12 2016 7:57 AMAround the WhirlMindblowing spinning-top trick shots.
April 10 2016 5:06 PMThe Trap-Jaw Spider’s Astonishing BiteThe tiny arachnids are far stronger than they should be.  
April 7 2016 4:11 PMErnie Els Got Off to the Worst Masters Start EverWatch him miss six putts on the first hole at Augusta.
April 6 2016 11:12 AMIce MusicMade with frozen instruments, inside an igloo.
April 4 2016 10:33 AMThree Weeks in Japan by TrainAn exhilarating whirlwind tour of Japanese culture.
April 2 2016 12:41 PMWatch a Fish That Can Walk Up WaterfallsAn evolutionary milestone, up close.
April 1 2016 11:37 AMQuicker Than the EyeThe uncanny tricks of a blind street magician.
March 31 2016 10:02 AMStanford's Alarming New "Mosquito" Robot Can Fly, Land Vertically, and Climb WallsNot just a mechanical bug.