Rock, Covered by Rocks

A machine uses stones to play "Here Comes the Sun."

April 24 2017 1:24 PMPunching a Raw Chicken Filled With Walnuts And other triumphs of film sound design.
April 17 2017 2:15 PMIn the 18th Century, They Pulverized Leftover Meat Into PasteNow you can too!
April 13 2017 9:49 AMRotatioA short documentary about an artist who processed her rape through a work she then destroyed.
April 11 2017 11:04 AMClever GirlA sea otter demonstrates surprising puzzle-solving prowess.  
April 6 2017 8:55 AMBlood WorkA sound installation powered with 4.5 liters of the artist's own blood.  
April 4 2017 1:10 PMWatch a Haunting Short Film Based on a Patricia Highsmith StoryIn A Mighty Nice Man, a charming stranger has predatory intentions.
March 31 2017 1:11 PMIf You First-Order NowAn important message about Star Wars: Rogue One on VHS.
March 28 2017 2:57 PMThe Robot TamerA woman’s relationship with a charming automated arm offers a happier view of our future with machines.
March 23 2017 2:18 PMBehold the “Stinging Rose Slug Caterpillar”It looks exactly how it sounds.
March 21 2017 8:56 AMIn the Heart of Yuasa, Birthplace of Japanese Soy SauceA beautiful town that perfected a very detailed process.
March 14 2017 3:32 PMFrozen WorldsStunning microscopic video shows what happens when bubbles freeze.
March 8 2017 7:59 AMI Don’t Care About That “Movie Mistake” You NoticedA film editor explains why continuity errors don’t matter.
March 3 2017 1:24 PMTiny ToysThe strange, wonderful world of toy miniatures.  
March 1 2017 12:48 PMLoud PlacesThe businesses that took over historic rock venues.
Feb. 21 2017 7:02 AMHow Honey Bee Hives Changed the InternetThis is the kind of federally funded breakthrough imperiled under the Trump administration.
April 21 2017 7:11 AMYour Brain on Drug PolicyRachael Leigh Cook returns with an updated drug message in this PSA.
April 17 2017 1:33 PMThe First Female FilmmakerInside Alice Guy-Blaché’s surreal, inventive worlds.
April 12 2017 9:03 AMWhere Pianists Look When They PlayHint: Not at their hands.
April 10 2017 2:15 PMHow Film Preservationists Transform the ClassicsThe process behind restoring Star Wars, Lawrence of Arabia, and more.
April 5 2017 7:36 PMGhosts in the MachineA system that knows what soccer players will do before they do it.
April 3 2017 12:07 PMTen Years of Incredible Activity on the SunAs seen by two orbiting NASA telescopes.
March 30 2017 7:49 AMMean StreetsA trip from Manhattan to Brooklyn, New York, in a wheelchair is far harder (and funnier) than you’d expect.
March 27 2017 1:07 PMHistorical Films and the Footage That Inspired ThemSide by side.  
March 22 2017 11:39 AMThe Most Difficult Places to Get to in the WorldAnd how to reach them.
March 20 2017 12:52 PMGoing for a Spacewalk at 17,150 Miles Per HourFootage from a very fast ride over Earth.
March 10 2017 1:15 PMThe Big Bang Theory, but With Ricky Gervais Laughing Instead of the Studio AudienceA laugh track of one.
March 7 2017 12:07 PMWatch the First-Ever Underwater Footage of an Elusive WhaleThe True’s beaked whale on camera.  
March 2 2017 12:43 PMThe FallHow a glamorous intellectual friendship turned into the philosophical feud of the 20th century.
Feb. 24 2017 8:01 AMAn Urban Animal Rescuer Goes to WorkHow to tame swans, foxes, and other wayward creatures.
Feb. 20 2017 1:29 PMCityscapes Created Inside Toilet Paper RollsAnastassia Elias’ tiny urban vistas have a hidden message.