Finding Ruby

Watch a beautiful ruby seadragon caught on video for the first time.

Jan. 6 2017 7:04 AMThe Robot Snake Balloon of DoomJust kidding. It might actually save you.
Jan. 3 2017 10:56 AMLooking Through Wes Anderson’s WindowsBeautiful, perfectly framed windows.
Dec. 30 2016 7:11 AMCocaine With a Homemade TouchBarry, a short film about the world’s most amiable DIY drug dealer.
Dec. 27 2016 7:04 AMChina From the SkyWatch a breathtaking drone tour.
Dec. 26 2016 7:11 AMListening From the Living Room CeilingSpiders can hear you.
Dec. 22 2016 6:59 AMA Rare Glimpse of the “Ghost Shark”The mysterious creature glides past deep-sea cameras for the first time.
Dec. 20 2016 1:44 PMA Tiny Bespectacled Parrot Reveals Surprising Details About FlightHis name is Obi-Wan Kenobi.
Dec. 17 2016 7:43 AMAn Abused, Dishwashing Robot Dreams of an EscapeLike Westworld, only much more adorable.
Dec. 15 2016 7:31 AMPillow TalkA man records himself talking in his sleep, to hilarious and alarming results.
Dec. 13 2016 1:11 PMNatalie Portman Stars in Padmé, the Star Wars Spinoff We Really NeedThe Oscar goes to this trailer.
Dec. 7 2016 2:10 PMThe Snow GuardianBilly Barr observed the snow in a Colorado town for 40 years to pass the time. Then researchers stumbled on his data.
Dec. 5 2016 11:58 AMStudio Ghibli in the Real WorldBeloved characters unleashed on Seoul.
Dec. 1 2016 12:19 PMWelcome to AtlantiumInside a tiny sliver of Australia that claims self-rule.
Nov. 30 2016 9:47 AMFly Through Every Corner of the International Space StationWith this ultra-HD NASA tour.
Nov. 29 2016 11:54 AMIndoor BirdsThis kinetic sculpture looks like birds in flight.
Jan. 4 2017 2:44 PMBright Lights, Big CraterEverything NASA has found inside Ceres’ most famous crater.
Jan. 2 2017 7:51 AMMaking Louis C.K.’s Fried ChickenRecreating the recipe from Louie.
Dec. 29 2016 6:59 AMWatch Paralyzed Monkeys Walk AgainWireless brain implants bypassed the injuries in their spines.
Dec. 26 2016 7:43 AMHow to Paint Like a 17th Century MasterStart with natural light.
Dec. 23 2016 8:11 AMA Hypnotic Collision of CloudsJust like online bickering between strangers.
Dec. 21 2016 7:29 AMThe Golden Toilet at the GuggenheimIt’s fully functional.
Dec. 19 2016 12:21 PMThe Nerdiest Mannequin Challenge PossibleThank you Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.  
Dec. 16 2016 10:31 AMThe Northern Lights, Brought to Your CityA gorgeous art installation.
Dec. 14 2016 7:08 AMFeline NavidadCats destroy ornate Christmas decorations in this clever parody of yuletide ad clichés.
Dec. 9 2016 11:25 AMThe Blurry Line Between Olympians and ParalympiansA clever video from Egypt, which has more Paralympic than Olympic medals.
Dec. 6 2016 7:12 AMWho Owns Space?The international laws that govern outer space haven't caught up with our ability to explore it.
Dec. 3 2016 7:29 AMTextbook  A true story told through old messages on a Nokia phone.  
Nov. 30 2016 1:40 PMChasing Pygmy Rabbits in the DesertThe wildlife of America’s largest ecosystem may hold the key to its survival.
Nov. 30 2016 7:06 AMHow Saul Bass Changed Film Title SequencesHis colorful, modernist designs revolutionized how movies began.
Nov. 28 2016 1:48 PMThe Whales of New YorkA special buoy eavesdrops on leviathans just off Manhattan's edges.