From New York to Spain

The Solar Impulse 2 crosses the Atlantic.

June 29 2016 11:28 AMDate with DestinyAfter five years, NASA’s Juno spacecraft arrives at its destination.
June 24 2016 11:12 AMA Tasmanian Devil Gets a Tiny PacemakerHe was very brave.
June 22 2016 2:48 PMInside the Futuristic Helmet Displays of U.S. Navy DiversThey hail from 3-D printers.
June 21 2016 11:23 AMCan Ocean Preserves Save Threatened Species?A remote archipelago is testing the theory.
June 20 2016 11:56 AMRobot SkeletonA futuristic exoskeleton that gives disabled children the ability to walk.
June 15 2016 1:02 PMAfter the DroughtA small California town buckles under years of environmental disaster.
June 14 2016 10:54 AMIn North America, the Milky Way Is Invisible for 4 in 5 PeopleCan we roll back light pollution?
June 10 2016 6:19 PMA Wonderfully British Explanation of ConsentA tale told through tea.
June 9 2016 3:44 PMStunt FlyingPro skateboarders try to keep it together in zero gravity.
June 8 2016 4:08 PMNatural HomesA ridiculously easy way to build a strong house on the cheap.
June 6 2016 10:05 AMDrone BalletWatch a high-tech dance at Mount Fuji.
May 31 2016 9:03 AMLike Ants, Only CuterWatch six tiny robots working together to drag a car.
May 29 2016 5:57 AMHow Pop Culture Reacted to RootsThe miniseries was an unprecedented hit in 1977. But 40 years of SNL and Dave Chappelle parodies have altered its legacy.
May 27 2016 12:47 PMScenes of ItalyCaptured from above.
May 27 2016 7:01 AMLightning in Super Slow MotionBeautiful and intense footage from a Florida storm.
June 28 2016 3:58 PMZero Is Hardly NothingAn animated history of the number zero.
June 23 2016 1:05 PMElegy for the ArcticAn unforgettable performance for the northern ice.
June 22 2016 10:25 AMThe Alarming Connection Between Your Zip Code and Your Life ExpectancyA George Takei–narrated video shows the difference a mile can make.
June 20 2016 5:25 PMPaintings Are Dirtier Than You ThoughtCleaning the gunk off Van Gogh.
June 17 2016 12:30 PMGun Control Is Not a Partisan IssuePolls show Americans support common-sense regulations.
June 14 2016 3:28 PMScenes From the Twins Days Festival in Twinsburg, Ohio  Seeing double at the annual gathering.
June 12 2016 7:03 AMGood BoyAn anatomically correct replica dog could change how vets learn their craft.
June 10 2016 7:06 AMHow Do Tea Party Senators Get Re-Elected?By pretending they were never in Congress. 
June 9 2016 12:54 PMParis for RealA sparkling look at the wonder of the City of Light.
June 7 2016 11:51 AMSlackersThis world-record slackline walk is simply terrifying.
June 4 2016 7:01 AM35 Miles Underground Through the Gotthard Base TunnelA new rail record in Switzerland.
May 30 2016 9:08 AM57 Famous Classical Compositions in One VideoIt’s surprisingly harmonious.
May 28 2016 9:04 AMSea of NoiseWhy scientists are listening for sounds deep in the ocean off California.
May 27 2016 8:17 AM“The Starry Night” Meets Ice AgeFamous movie scenes in the style of iconic works of art.
May 25 2016 12:54 PMDisney’s Real-World RobotA new, child-safe mechanical being.