Future Tense Reader Takeover: What futuristic technology should Will Oremus assess?
Reader Takeover: What Futuristic Technology Should Will Oremus Assess?
The citizen’s guide to the future.
Nov. 7 2012 11:52 PM

Boss Will Oremus Around

Tell Slate’s Future Tense blogger what pie-in-the-sky idea he should embrace—or ridicule—next.

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Will Oremus

"Where's my hovercar?"

Will Oremus

Slate Staff Writer

As lead writer of the Future Tense blog, I write for the Internet users of my generation, the machine-learning algorithms of the next, and the sentient robots of ever afterward. Some of the innovations I cover are potential world-changers, while others are ... not. Some are ingenious, others ingeniously stupid. Some seem too outlandish to work, others perhaps a bit too familiar. There are always more fascinating and confounding ideas out there than I can ever get to on the blog. The Slate Reader Takeover is your chance to decide which of several futuristic technologies most deserves a write-up—or, perhaps, a takedown.

Which futuristic technology or innovation should I assess?

A robot that mows your lawn
10 votes
Stylish brain-sensing headbands
10 votes
Electronic gadgets that melt in your body
10 votes
"Smart" ski goggles
10 votes
Glow-in-the-dark highways
10 votes
10 votes
Invisibility cloaks
10 votes

This poll will close at 6 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 9.




Will Oremus is Slate's senior technology writer. Email him at will.oremus@slate.com or follow him on Twitter.

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