Copenhagen Consensus 2012
Copenhagen Consensus 2012

You Have $75 Billion To Save the World

How would you spend it?

May 14 2012 1:53 PMHow Better Nutrition for Children Helps Solve Two of the World’s Biggest ProblemsA group of Nobel laureates analyze the cost-effectiveness of solutions to the world's biggest problems
May 9 2012 3:10 PMWar Is a Long, Messy HellAnd it’s more important than ever that we try to prevent it in the first place.
May 8 2012 3:51 PMCan You Really Make Clouds Whiter and More Reflective?Scientists are getting there, and it might be the one of the best ways to fight climate change.
May 7 2012 2:31 PMWe Still Need To Save the Rain ForestsBiodiversity efforts are often targeted toward saving cute animals. But the real problem is disappearing forests, wetlands, and mangroves.
May 4 2012 3:46 PMAn Ounce of Prevention ...It’s harder for poor countries to respond to natural disasters. We should help them be better prepared before hurricanes and earthquakes strike.
May 3 2012 3:00 PMThe Thorny Issue of Population GrowthLife expectancy is up and poverty is down worldwide, even with our rapidly expanding global population. Are our fears of catastrophe overblown?
May 2 2012 1:08 PMDeveloping the Smartphone of ToiletsMore than 2.5 billion lack basic sanitation. We can fix that.
May 1 2012 12:58 PMMalaria Is Making a ComebackBut making sure new drugs are affordable for poor countries is still a cheap way to save hundreds of thousands of children.
April 30 2012 2:42 PMThe High Cost of Heart Disease and CancerMalaria, AIDS, and tuberculosis get all the attention in the developing world. But chronic diseases kill more people.
April 27 2012 6:00 AMHow To Get Food on Every TableWe have enough food to feed everyone. But we need to produce even more. Here’s why.
May 10 2012 2:06 PMTo Educate Children, We Have To Teach Their ParentsWe can improve education in poor countries by showing parents the importance of schooling.
May 9 2012 2:52 PMThere’s No One Perfect Fix for Climate ChangeSlate readers debate their favored solutions for the world’s biggest problems.
May 8 2012 3:39 PMWill Producing More Food Only Add to the Population Problem?Slate readers debate solutions for solving the world’s biggest problems.
May 7 2012 1:50 PMFamily Planning, Better Nutrition, and No More SmokingSlate readers weigh in on their favorite solutions to the world’s biggest problems.
May 4 2012 3:28 PMIs Family Planning the Most Important Investment We Can Make?Slate readers think so.
May 3 2012 1:28 PMYour Priorities for Fixing Hunger, Disease, and SanitationSlate readers choose their favorite solutions for the world’s biggest problems.
May 2 2012 12:44 PMTobacco Taxes, Micronutrients, and Better ImmunizationsSlate readers choose their favorite solutions for the world’s biggest problems.
May 1 2012 12:34 PMDo We Really Need To Reduce Salt Consumption?Slate readers debate the Copenhagen Consensus priorities for fighting chronic disease.
April 30 2012 2:25 PMYour Priorities for Fixing HungerSlate readers respond to the Copenhagen Consensus ideas to solve malnutrition.
April 26 2012 7:22 AMBig Problems, Big SolutionsBjørn Lomborg has a group of Nobel laureates working to solve climate change, war, hunger, and more. And he wants to know what you think.