Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 13.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 13.

Spoiling 24: Day 6, Hour 13.

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March 13 2007 10:02 PM

Spoiling 24

Dissecting Day 6, Hour 13.

To listen to Slate's Spoiler Special about Hour 13 of Season 6 of 24, click the arrow button on the player below:

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Between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m., Jack Bauer was holed up in the Russian consulate, holding off a building full of machine-gun-wielding agents with a single pistol and an upturned table. Elsewhere, Tom Lennox was overwhelmed by Vice President Noah Daniels, and Martha Logan made mincemeat of a kiwi and her estranged husband, former President Charles Logan.

As part of Slate's Spoiler Special podcast series—recently expanded to include TV shows—we've been hosting regular "post-view" discussions of Season 6. (Click here to listen to a discussion of the first four hours, here for a discussion of Hour 5, here for Hour 6, here for Hour 7, here for Hours 8 and 9, here for Hour 10, here for Hour 11, and here for Hour 12.) In this podcast, Slate's Meghan O'Rourke and June Thomas discuss 24's hysterical women, wonder just how hammy is too hammy, and ask: Why do Russian diplomats speak English with one another?

Because we reveal plot twists in these chats, we recommend—but don't insist—that you watch the show before listening to the program.

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