The Gist: Brad Meltzer on The President’s Shadow and Barack Obama’s speech in Charleston.

Why Do Ex-Presidents Dish to This Novelist? 

Why Do Ex-Presidents Dish to This Novelist? 

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June 29 2015 7:34 PM

The Following Story Is Based on Real Presidents

To write about the leader of the free world, novelist Brad Meltzer says it helps to know a few commanders-in-chief (and their Secret Service agents).

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The Bushes.
What the Bush family says when fiction writers are around.

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Today on The Gist, the return of “Names in the News!” Plus, Brad Melzer from the Lost History TV series explains how real presidential lore and relationships influenced his new novel The President’s Shadow. You can hear Brad’s previous appearance on The Gist here. For The Spiel, Mike unwraps how Obama’s heartfelt eulogy in Charleston was an insight into his political strategy.

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