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More Show Than Showdown

Thousands of U.S. soldiers are deployed at the southern border, but “deployed” really means “sitting around.”

Nov. 12 2018 8:47 PMThe Love of the (Basketball) GameDan Klores’ new documentary is a love letter to hoops.
Nov. 8 2018 8:39 PMIn a Political Bind?Call Bradley Tusk.
Nov. 6 2018 8:31 PMJust Ask MimiFood critic Mimi Sheraton on her career, food trends, and eating as a family.
Nov. 2 2018 7:50 PMRoot for the DummySimon Rich grew up watching whip-smart sitcom characters. His own protagonists are quite the opposite.
Oct. 30 2018 8:15 PMSigned, Sealed, ForgottenThe mail bomber’s crimes have already faded from news headlines. But what can we learn from his methods?
Oct. 26 2018 7:34 PMThe Blue BlizzardWhat does Harry Enten’s polling data say about the coming election?
Oct. 24 2018 7:28 PMBlame It on the MailerPresident Trump riles up his base in vile ways, but here’s why we shouldn’t blame him for the recent spate of mail bombs.
Oct. 22 2018 9:53 PMThe NFL MafiaAmerica’s most lucrative sports league is dominated by a “very unimpressive group of inherited misfits.”
Oct. 19 2018 1:44 PMHere’s How Louis C.K. Ends Up Onstage at the Comedy CellarOwner Noam Dworman still welcomes the comedian, post-scandal, to perform at his club. He explains his reasoning.
Oct. 17 2018 8:37 PMMyth ManagementJann Wenner hated Joe Hagan’s Sticky Fingers mostly because it’s true.
Oct. 15 2018 8:27 PMBare Necessities? Not in Alaska.There’s a reason Katmai National Park and Preserve has the fattest bears: They live the good life.
Oct. 11 2018 8:44 PMGoing to The Good PlaceHow does a show about death and morality make philosophy fun?
Oct. 9 2018 9:00 PMGuarding the CourtCould Brett Kavanaugh’s ascension change the Supreme Court itself?
Oct. 4 2018 9:13 PMSitting President, Standing AngerDonald Trump’s rhetoric is at its worst when he’s up on two feet. Case in point: his attack on Christine Blasey Ford.
Oct. 2 2018 9:30 PMMueller on the MindStar attorney Neal Katyal thinks Robert Mueller’s investigation will end in “fireworks”—and knows exactly what those might look like.
Nov. 9 2018 8:42 PMTwo Countries, at the Cost of OneIf polarized electoral results like Tuesday’s repeat themselves, America may soon feel like two separate nations.
Nov. 7 2018 9:09 PMA Congresswoman SpeaksCalifornia Rep. Jackie Speier has war stories to tell—and another in the making: putting the squeeze on President Trump.
Nov. 5 2018 8:13 PMWhat Newt Gingrich WroughtAmerica’s bipartisan split might look like a natural schism, but it was built by a GOP sick and tired of losing the House of Representatives.
Nov. 1 2018 7:18 PMPolitical Parties, American TribesDems and the GOP have divvied up the U.S. electorate too well. What was once a matter of policy choices is now all about worldview.
Oct. 29 2018 9:07 PMFor Every Brand, a BackstoryStarbucks, Jello-O, Pizza Hut—they don’t go big by accident.
Oct. 25 2018 6:59 PMEt Tu, NBC?When you hire Megyn Kelly, gaffes on the topic of race are part of the package.
Oct. 23 2018 9:38 PMSomething in the WaterHow a fight about Iowan water pollution revealed the dubious machinations of agricultural corporations and a Pulitzer Prize.
Oct. 19 2018 9:57 PMPrison Guard ConfidentialShane Bauer was jailed in Iran before becoming a prison guard in the United States. In both cases, he was first and foremost a reporter.
Oct. 18 2018 7:33 PMLand of (Only Some) OpportunityNational Review editor—and Slate alumnus—Reihan Salam on the inconvenient truths of U.S. immigration.
Oct. 16 2018 8:27 PMBetween a Rock and a Funny PlaceComedy Cellar owner Noam Dworman has had a post-scandal Louis C.K. take to his stage six times now. But not without serious thought.
Oct. 12 2018 8:31 PMOlive Branch, Turkey LegThis Thanksgiving, Ike Barinholtz wants you to talk to your conservative relatives (even if his character in The Oath is really bad at it).
Oct. 10 2018 8:23 PMAnd What About Yemen?America’s most controversial ally, Saudi Arabia, is still at war with its southern neighbor. And America itself is still supporting it, for now.
Oct. 5 2018 8:04 PMTake Down the PollCampaign-funded opinion polls box lawmakers in on every little issue, argues historian Jill Lepore.
Oct. 3 2018 7:46 PMReignited (and It Feels So Good)Rebecca Traister on the women’s anger that just might change the world.
Oct. 1 2018 6:46 PMCollege-Aged CoddlingAre we being too careful with the feelings of college students?