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The One-Man Beautification Plan

A security guard from Queens explains why he’s repainting New York’s forgotten emergency call boxes.

Jan. 29 2015 7:32 PMCaffeine: Shot by ShotCaffeine is powerful and effective, but it’s still a drug. Do the benefits outweigh the costs?
Jan. 27 2015 5:41 PMThe Passion of the ChristieWhile preparing to run for the highest office, Chris Christie hasn’t tamped down his personality in any way. Will that help or hurt?
Jan. 23 2015 8:45 PMThe Five-Second StoryYour greatest story probably comes from a tiny sliver of your life. Tell us about it for The Gist’s new storytelling project.
Jan. 21 2015 6:10 PMGeorge Costanza vs. ISISEnlisting Art Vandelay in the war against Islamic extremism’s nihilistic narrative.
Jan. 16 2015 7:43 PMBull in a Vagina ShopMore than you ever wanted to know about putting an artificial vagina on the erect penis of a 2,000-pound bull.
Jan. 14 2015 8:35 PMShould You Buy the Fitbit?A survey of the best (and worst) wearables for your wrist.
Jan. 12 2015 7:05 PMA Better Name for 11Mike Pesca admits his beef with the number that comes after 10.
Jan. 8 2015 7:58 PMShh! ASMR Isn’t RealThe Gist gets a tingly feeling when Maria Konnikova calls bulls--t on the very scientific-sounding term “autonomous sensory meridian response.”
Jan. 6 2015 7:14 PMThe Right to Remain UncivilThe quest to implement and enforce civility codes isn’t a fair fight.
Dec. 31 2014 6:18 PMRedial-a-SongMike Pesca was a devoted fan of They Might Be Giants’ infamous answering-machine project in the ’80s. With the band rebooting Dial-a-Song for 2015, Mike will premiere a new song every Monday on the Gist.
Dec. 29 2014 7:46 PMAl Michaels Has the CallOne of the most familiar voices in sports made his bones in Hawaii, then made a name for himself with the “Miracle on Ice.”
Dec. 23 2014 6:09 PMDo You Recall the Most Famous Reindeer of All?How sure can you be that that Rudolph’s nose glowed? Was it actually red? Maria Konnikova offers insight into our fungible memories.
Dec. 19 2014 7:50 PMBad Movies, Good PodcastFlop House turns Hollywood failure into memorable mockery.
Dec. 17 2014 5:44 PMEditing Is No Laughing MatterDana Gould on the beauty of brevity in comedy podcasts.
Dec. 15 2014 7:40 PMMarc Maron on the Best Podcast Episode EverThe Gist asks comedian Marc Maron about the role of empathy and therapy in his comedy podcast WTF
Jan. 28 2015 11:12 PMCongressionalizationThomas Schaller explains why Congress is well-suited to the Republican agenda, for now.
Jan. 26 2015 9:05 PMMicrosoft’s Imperfect 10We can mock the decision to skip Windows 9, but the software giant still has a serious share of the market.
Jan. 22 2015 7:52 PMFraunces Tavern BombingForty years ago a banker named Frank Connor died in a terrorist bombing in lower Manhattan. We speak with his son Joe Connor. 
Jan. 20 2015 7:30 PMHow Do I Learn Thee? Let Us Count the Ways.There are 71 documented learning styles, but how many of them really matter?
Jan. 15 2015 7:41 PMWhere Are America’s Terrorist Cells?The possibility of a terror attack in the United States is real, but so are bigger threats.
Jan. 13 2015 7:00 PMIs “Don’t Be Evil” More Than a Slogan?Is the Internet inherently good for mankind, or is it just good for business?
Jan. 9 2015 6:58 PMIf LBJ Faced Today’s CongressHow did Lyndon B. Johnson get so much done? A corrective history from Julian Zelizer.
Jan. 7 2015 6:33 PMA Poet Goes to MerConMatthea Harvey’s work explores the in-between-ness of man and mythical creature. She was drawn to Las Vegas, of course.
Jan. 5 2015 6:38 PMMario Cuomo’s Missed Career in Stand-UpDid the late New York governor’s policy prescriptions from a 1992 speech hold up? We review the tape with Jacob Weisberg and Adam Davidson.
Dec. 30 2014 7:17 PMGive Me Liberty or Give Me … LibertéComparing the French and Anglo notions of liberty, and other untranslatable ideas.
Dec. 24 2014 4:02 PMAbraham GrinchsteinThe little known backstory of the seasonal player-hater.
Dec. 22 2014 7:07 PMGrin and Bear ItHow a wildlife researcher traps, tags, and studies black bears using an irresistible mix of marshmallows and peanut butter.
Dec. 18 2014 8:17 PMToo Beautiful to StopLuke Burbank is thriving with Too Beautiful To Live, the podcast he’s hosted since 2008.
Dec. 16 2014 7:19 PMTen Years to StartUpTwo pioneering moments in podcast history that took place a decade apart.
Dec. 12 2014 8:08 PMCut Off From a Sex Life Too SoonAfter her husband died, she wrote to Dear Prudence saying, “I think I’m going to die if I don’t have sex soon.”