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The Zen of Cohen

The raid of Michael Cohen’s office marks the beginning of the end of the Trump presidency, says Adam Davidson.

April 19 2018 7:40 PMComey Can’t ConfessOn his book tour, the fired FBI director still can’t square his pre-election blunders.
April 17 2018 7:45 PMThe Taint Team ComethThe cover-up is worse than the crime when you put Michael Cohen in charge of the cover-up.
April 13 2018 9:16 PMChemistry No MoreRussia’s denialism over Syrian war crimes is unscientific nonsense.
April 11 2018 9:27 PMTax Cut ConundrumFor a guy obsessed with budgets, Paul Ryan sure had a thing for cutting taxes.
April 9 2018 7:46 PMZuck EverlastingAnswering to Congress isn’t a good look for any CEO, but Facebook is politically important to the very people who will be asking the questions.
April 5 2018 7:48 PMKevin Williamson Dies by the SwordThe Atlantic’s hired-then-fired conservative writer fancies himself a provocateur. He provoked his way out of a job.
April 3 2018 7:57 PMShulkin Be Sulkin’David Shulkin got high marks from most fair-minded government watchdogs. Maybe that’s why he was fired.
March 30 2018 9:43 PMIn Defense of the PunComedian Aparna Nancherla goes for wordplay, even if it gets a groan.
March 28 2018 8:14 PMKnow Thy EnemyIf Trump wants to persuade North Koreans to abandon their nukes, he has to think like they do.
March 26 2018 9:24 PMHitler’s Art DealerHildebrand Gurlitt’s looted collection is open to the public, and museums are downplaying its sketchy history.
March 22 2018 9:01 PMAs Statues Fall, Racism StaysNew Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on dog whistles, Confederate monuments, and besting the likes of David Duke.
March 20 2018 9:07 PMWill Democracy Survive Trump?Cass Sunstein had big thinkers write about the question, and they weren’t all optimistic.
March 16 2018 9:44 PMThe Year Groove Went MainstreamClosing out the decade, 1969 sent the sound of flower power and psychedelic pop to the top of the charts.
March 14 2018 10:30 PMThe Rogue at StateHow Rex Tillerson botched the one thing he could have done to improve the State Department and please Trump.
March 12 2018 6:24 PMRussian Doping, RevisitedWe dip into the archives for our interview with Bryan Fogel about his documentary, Icarus. The film just won an Academy Award.
April 18 2018 9:36 PMA Fuller Obituary for Barbara BushShe was fierce and loyal but also kind of mean.
April 16 2018 9:31 PMJames Comey’s Ego TripIn defense of the former FBI director.
April 12 2018 7:39 PM“I Never Said That”Except you did, Mr. President.
April 10 2018 6:58 PMIt’s Regulation TimeDemocracy hijacked, data leaked, brains rewired—we’d be stupid not to rein in Facebook and its peers.
April 6 2018 8:00 PMAndrew Cuomo’s Pun ProblemDoes New York’s governor know what puns are?
April 4 2018 7:59 PMOh Good, It Was Just a HandgunWe’re lucky the YouTube shooter didn’t have an AR-15.
April 2 2018 8:02 PMClinging to Guns Is Our ReligionRepealing gun rights isn’t just a losing argument, it’s a doomed strategy.
March 29 2018 10:36 PMOn Conservative VoicesMagazines and newspapers are going to hire conservative columnists. That’s not a problem.
March 27 2018 8:35 PMCorruption Just Isn’t TelegenicThe Kushners’ deal-making is under investigation, but that’s not drawing eyeballs like Stormy Daniels is.
March 24 2018 12:54 AMSpies Are People Too      The showrunners behind The Americans on what makes their Soviet protagonists deep, flawed, and heroic. 
March 21 2018 8:05 PMThis Storm Ain’t BrewingEven if the courts let Stormy Daniels speak out, what could she say about Trump that we don’t already know?
March 19 2018 3:21 PMAre Receipts Toxic?How concerned should we be about receipt paper? Maria Konnikova helps us investigate.
March 15 2018 7:57 PMHot or Not: Presidents’ EditionWe’re talking looks, physique, and charisma.
March 14 2018 7:03 AMThe Heroes of ColombiaWhy do we know so much about Colombia’s narcos and so little about the people who risked everything to fight them?
March 9 2018 8:14 PMNorth Korea Is Setting the Table    And we should be worried that president Trump will have a seat and be himself.