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We’re Terrible at Reading Online

The Gist explores why our reading experience with screens hasn’t caught up to the printed page.

July 28 2014 6:20 PMWhy Does Tomato Juice Taste Better on an Airplane?The Gist explores the connection between taste and our surroundings.
July 24 2014 6:24 PMWho’s Better Off: A Roman Emperor, or You?The Gist weighs the value of imperial spoils against air conditioning and soap.
July 22 2014 7:11 PMWhen Does a Civilian Become a Combatant?The Gist debates when you lose your right to be considered a civilian in a war zone like Gaza.
July 18 2014 5:37 PMDoes Putin Know When to Fold ’Em?The Gist explores whether the Russian leader might change course on a losing strategy.
July 16 2014 6:28 PMYour Brain on Bandwidth PovertyThe Gist discusses how a lack of money, time, and attention can affect the way we make decisions.
July 14 2014 6:41 PMDavid Plotz Is Out, Panda Blogs Are InThe Gist discusses Slate’s future with outgoing editor David Plotz and incoming editor Julia Turner. 
July 10 2014 6:38 PMThis Guy Killed Hitler. All He Wants Is a Thank-You.The Gist on the downside of time travel, and why this might be the golden age for comedy writing.
July 8 2014 5:23 PMWarren G. Harding in LoveThe Gist explores how the 29th president’s steamy love letters could change how we remember him.
July 3 2014 6:52 PMEmotions Are Contagious, but Probably Not on FacebookThe Gist calls bulls--t on Facebook’s study into emotional contagion.
July 1 2014 6:26 PMWhat Happens on Amish Spring Break Stays in FloridaThe Gist learns what happens when modernity and money butt up against the Amish lifestyle.
June 27 2014 7:37 PMThe Diplomat Who F--ked UpGood thing The Gist is a podcast so we can quote the Polish Foreign Minister in full.
June 25 2014 6:05 PMScalia Just Wants to Have FunThe Gist explores why liberals should think fondly of Antonin Scalia’s legacy.
June 23 2014 6:50 PMIs Dick Cheney the Least Qualified Iraq Expert Ever?The Gist dissects pop song lyrics with John Moe, and negotiates like a Pashtun.
June 19 2014 5:22 PMDoes the Minimum Wage Create or Kill Jobs?The Gist weighs in on the living wage debate, and handicaps GOP chances of winning the Senate.
June 17 2014 6:58 PMDirty Laundry? There’s an App for That.The Gist on whether the laundromat needs Silicon Valley’s help, and Mike’s sexiest, most unbelievable feud with clickbait.
July 25 2014 6:39 PMWould You Let Your Husband Road Trip With an Ex?The Gist and Dear Prudence wonder where to draw the line with your husband’s close female friends.
July 23 2014 6:30 PMShould Clothing Ever Be Optional?The Gist strips down to the naked truths about nudists with writer Dave Hill.
July 21 2014 7:09 PMNYPD Cold Case from 100 Years Ago, and the Victim Was a CopThe Gist examines the unsolved murder of an NYPD officer killed overseas in 1909.
July 17 2014 6:40 PMComic, Sans Its HeroThe Gist gets the scoop from Riverdale Action News about Archie’s fatal shooting.
July 15 2014 4:59 PMCan We Really Learn to Be Happy?
July 11 2014 6:53 PMHer Husband’s Stupid Record CollectionThe Gist listens to her husband’s stupid record collection.
July 9 2014 5:58 PMInside the Principal’s OfficeThe Gist hosts a panel to discover what educators really think of the teacher tenure debate.
July 7 2014 6:53 PMToday, It’s a Pot-CastThe Gist explores Washington State’s recreational marijuana law, which kicks in on Tuesday.
July 2 2014 6:31 PMPhilly, in Black and WhiteThe Gist talks with author Alice Goffman about her front-row seat for the war on drugs.
June 30 2014 6:21 PMTaking (a Fake) One for the TeamThe Gist explores the strategy behind embellished dives, grass writhing, and limb clutching at the World Cup.
June 26 2014 7:10 PMI Believe That We Will WinThe Gist on the U.S. soccer team’s new, winning chant, and the unpopular way to bring down New York rents.
June 24 2014 7:37 PMThe Gist: How to Serve Legal Papers to the U.N. Secretary-General (Hint: Sneakily)
June 20 2014 5:20 PMThe Sinister Business of Advertising to KidsThe Gist explores how McDonald’s and other companies market to children, and America’s evolving feelings about soccer.
June 18 2014 5:51 PMShould We Ditch Internet Comments?The Gist explores research on the effects of negative commenting, and the morality of GM’s attorneys.
June 16 2014 7:27 PMShould Ruth Bader Ginsburg Just Quit Already?The Gist on the politics of Supreme Court retirements, and a GOP perspective on Iraq.