The Gist: Emily Yoffe from Dear Prudence, and Emily Bazelon.

She Was Dreading a Letter From Her Dead Mom. Did She Take Dear Prudence’s Advice?

She Was Dreading a Letter From Her Dead Mom. Did She Take Dear Prudence’s Advice?

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Feb. 6 2015 8:00 PM

Letter-Perfect Solution

Dear Prudence’s advice to a woman struggling with the psychological burden that her mother imparted from her deathbed.

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Her dying mother wrote her letters more than a decade ago. Does she have to keep reading them?

Photo illustration by Slate. Photo by Harry Rowed/National Film Board of Canada.

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Today on The Gist, a conversation about fetal homicide laws with Emily Bazelon from New York Times Magazine. Plus, Emily Yoffe of Slate’s Dear Prudence column joins us for a Post-Prudie impact statement with past letter-writer “Little Girl Lost.” For the Spiel, names in the news.


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