High school listener questions about extracurricular activities answered on Getting In.

How Much Do Extracurricular Activities Matter in College Applications?

How Much Do Extracurricular Activities Matter in College Applications?

The path to college.
Oct. 15 2015 5:15 PM

Getting In: How Many Extracurriculars Should I Have?

And we answer questions about early decision financial aid packages.


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Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Steve LeMenager answer listener questions. Steve is a former director of admission at Princeton and the president of the private college counseling firm Edvice.

We hear from a 10th-grader in Texas who wonders if it’s better to focus on a few activities or a lot of activities when it comes to building an extracurricular profile. And we answer an email from a parent wondering how to assess a financial aid package when her child applies early decision. We also check in with Getting In high school senior August Graves, and we meet a new addition to our group of senior students.

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