Getting In
Getting In

Getting In Episode 10: Our Seniors Graduate. Plus, One Final Round of Expert Advice.

In this final episode of the podcast series, final words of advice are offered to college-bound seniors.

June 9 2016 7:00 AMGetting In Episode 9D: The True Value of SAT II and AP Scores, Plus Why Volunteering MattersThe podcast answers listener questions about SAT II and AP scores, and looks at the value of volunteering.
May 26 2016 7:00 AMGetting In Episode 9B: Summer Planning Tips for JuniorsThe podcast explores how college-bound high schoolers can make the most of their summers.
May 13 2016 3:49 PMGetting In Episode 9: Checking in With Our SeniorsThe podcast follows the continuing stories of college-bound seniors during their final weeks in high school.
April 28 2016 1:55 PMGetting In Episode 8B: Tips for Selecting an Independent College CounselorThe podcast answers questions about AP classes, college counselors, and finding the best college fit.
April 14 2016 6:04 PMGetting In Episode 8: Adding Historically Black Colleges to Your ListThe podcast looks at why minority-serving institutions may be the best fit for some college-bound students.
April 5 2016 5:34 PMGetting In Episode 7A: Tips for Navigating Notification SeasonWhat to do if your financial aid needs change between college admission and acceptance.
March 17 2016 7:00 AMGetting In Episode 6C: Tips for Nontraditional StudentsThe podcast answers questions about vocational schools, community college transfer students, and colleges that don’t give grades. 
March 3 2016 3:11 PMGetting In: Building the Senior Year Course Load That’s Right for YouThe podcast answers questions about the benefits of ROTC and weighs the pros and cons of extra courses versus getting a part-time job.
Feb. 19 2016 3:57 PMGetting In Episode 5C: The Checklist Every College-Bound Junior Needs NowThe podcast talks about the five essential things every college-bound high school junior should be thinking about.
Jan. 28 2016 6:28 PMGetting In: Tips for Performing Arts Applicants and Senior UpdatesCollege admissions are harder for aspiring artists.
Jan. 15 2016 1:39 PMGetting In: Challenges Faced by International ApplicantsAnd tips for college interviews.
Jan. 1 2016 12:03 AMGetting In: Juniors, Start Your EnginesWhat high school juniors should think about at the start of 2016.
Dec. 18 2015 3:44 PMGetting In: Early Decision UpdatesAnd we hear from a listener who is wondering whether an expensive college is worth it.
Dec. 4 2015 5:20 PMGetting In: If I Get Deferred, How Can I Stand Out in the Regular Pool?We also discuss the value of early college programs.
Nov. 19 2015 4:21 PMGetting In: Refining the ListAnd some practical advice on what should be listed in the Common Application.
June 2 2016 11:43 AMGetting In Episode 9C: Tips for Athletes, Summer Essay Writing, and Our Take on Test PrepThe podcast answers listener questions about summer essay writing and test prep for college-bound students.
May 19 2016 7:01 AMGetting In Episode 9A: When a Head Injury Affects GPA, How Much Do You Share on Your Application?The podcast answers questions about unforeseeable events in the lives of college-bound seniors. 
May 6 2016 6:27 PMGetting In Episode 8C: Should I Take the SAT or the ACT?The podcast breaks down the differences between the two tests and how to decode the scores.
April 21 2016 3:51 PMGetting In Episode 8A: Does Moving to a “Better” School District Improve My Child’s Admissions Chances?The podcast looks at how attending a higher ranking high school may or may not affect college acceptance.
April 7 2016 4:51 PMGetting In Episode 7B: Decision Season for SeniorsThe podcast talks with high school seniors about the colleges that have accepted or rejected them.
March 24 2016 4:38 PMGetting In Episode 7: Four Ways Parents Can Help—but Not Helicopter—the Admissions ProcessThe podcast offers tips to parents who want to help their college-bound kids help themselves. 
March 11 2016 3:04 PMGetting In Episode 6B: Likely Letters, Tuition Discounts, and Small Schools Strong in STEMThe podcast answers questions about how many colleges to apply to and how your school district may affect admission chances. 
Feb. 26 2016 3:35 PMGetting In Episode 6: Evaluating Your Financial Aid Package, Plus Scholarship Strategies The podcast talks about financial aid and scholarship strategies, plus an update from Getting In senior August Graves.
Feb. 12 2016 5:50 PMGetting In: Will Gaming the System Ever Go Away?The podcast reacts to criticism of a new report from Harvard that recommended major changes to the college admissions process.
Jan. 25 2016 11:35 AMGetting In: Researchers Call for Bold Changes in College AdmissionsA new Harvard report aims to de-emphasize the importance of AP courses and standardized test scores. 
Jan. 8 2016 1:09 PMGetting In: The First Steps to Financial AidNew year, new challenges for college applicants.
Dec. 24 2015 1:23 PMGetting In: ADHD, as an Applicant and StudentAnd what the redesigned SAT means for current college applicants.
Dec. 11 2015 1:46 PMGetting In: When You’re the First in Your Family to Apply to CollegeHow it feels, and the questions you ask.
Nov. 24 2015 5:18 PMGetting In: Why Do Some Applicants Get Interviews and Others Don’t?And a listener wonders if it’s worthwhile to transfer to a more selective college.
Nov. 12 2015 4:20 PMGetting In: Defining “Need-Blind,” and Bargains in EuropeHost Julie Lythcott-Haims answers more listener questions.