Sept. 13 2006 1:09 PM

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Last year, 317,000 Americans were diagnosed with prostate cancer and 41,000 died from it.      

About $1.8 billion has been spent on breast-cancer research since 1990; in the same time, prostate-cancer research got about $376 million.      


Medicare does not cover the special PSA blood test for prostate cancer.      

Therapies include complete removal of the prostate gland, radical prostatectomy, which can result in incontinence and impotence. Radiation treatments sometimes destroy the cancer. Cryotherapy freezes the cancerous prostate cells.

At the age of 50, about four out of 10 men have some cancerous cells in their prostate, but only 3 percent will die of prostate cancer.
Donna Karan True Facts
Founded a decade ago, the wildly successful Donna Karan International went public in June 1996. Since then, it's been hard times for the company as it overextended from high-fashion and business clothing for women to men's apparel, accessories, and beauty aids.      

The company expects a pretax loss of $100 million for the full fiscal year.      

Hoping to cut costs, Karan's company, Donna Karan International, fired 15 percent of its staff (285 jobs) this week. It hopes to save $10 million a year starting in 1998.

Former Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. executive John Idol assumed the day-to-day control of the company four months ago; founder Donna Karan remains chairwoman.