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"We sell beauty and glamour. We don't sell disease. This is not what our customers think about when they think about the fashion industry. But today we make an exception. Today we sell the disease to end the disease."

"We can beat prostate cancer with Eastern medicine, good nutrition, research, and meditation."


"Women are light years beyond men in their capacity to feel and intuit. We hope that we can help them reach out and touch their disease and find a cure for it. Women freely discuss their ailments. Men cut themselves off from the discussion."

"I think we're going to find out that the heavy-fat diet is one of the main causes of the disease. You must eat healthy to be healthy. New York City's Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center is testing that theory. Try the carrot sticks and the low-fat yogurt dip."

"We need to reduce the stigma of prostate cancer. There's no reason to hide from it. It's not a loathsome condition. For far too long, doctors have had the power over disease. We must take the power over the disease out of the hands of the doctors and place it into our hands."

"It's not hard to find a poster child for AIDS or breast cancer or leukemia. But prostate cancer? Most of those who have it are middle-aged guys. Face it, they're not very photogenic."

"They need to do what women did. Years ago, the federal government spent nothing on breast cancer. Now it spends $550 million a year. There's a federal Office of Women's Health. Why not an Office of Men's Health, too?"

She urged all men over 40 to get an examination, either the PSA blood test or the conventional physical exam.
Prostate-Cancer Survivor Michael Milken (all this is true!)
Milken founded the Association for the Cure of Cancer of the Prostate (CaP Cure) in 1993. CaP Cure has given $25 million in prostate-cancer-research grants in the past three years.

Milken treated his prostate with hormone therapy to shrink his cancer, then had radiation therapy. As everyone knows, Deepak helped him beat the disease, too. Milken energizes his immune system with a daily massage and meditation. His special prostate-cancer fighting drink is a pink and frothy thing containing strawberries, soy powder, orange rinds, and ground-up green tea leaves.
Real Quotations from Chairman Milken
When you find out you have cancer, it is such a devastating feeling. And I think in order to cope with it, I needed to have a plan that I was going to beat cancer. Two weeks after I was diagnosed with prostate cancer, I went to a scientific conference to try to understand what was the state of therapy and treatment for prostate cancer. And four or four and a half years ago, it wasn't very promising. There was no cure for prostate cancer, and there was very little research going on. So I was determined to get with others and form an organization where we could get research. And so, the forming of CaP Cure was an outgrowth of trying to set an organization in place that could quickly address prostate cancer."

"What gives me hope, and it should give every cancer patient hope in this country and around the world, is the technology that's available to us today if we had the commitment to use it to solve the problem of cancer. And I believe the solution lies only a few years ahead."

"I eliminated almost all fat in my diet and increased intake of soy and tofu, which appears to slow the growth of cancer."
Real Quotations From Prostate-Cancer Survivor Harry Belafonte
More black men get the disease, and more black men die from the disease. ... Somehow I felt quite omnipotent. Just untouchable. And then when my doctors told me I had it, it gave me a huge pause to focus in on what that really meant."
Real Quotations From Prostate-Cancer Survivor Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf
For me, it was like war," Schwarzkopf says of his diagnosis. "First thing you do is learn about the enemy."