Anti-Obama downballot boomerang?
Anti-Obama downballot boomerang?
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Oct. 14 2008 6:11 AM

Anti-Obama Boomerang?

Why more votes for McCain might mean more Dems in Congress.

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C. continues

The one place where all the workers are in one place at the same time is at the workplace. The employer simply calls a mandatory staff meeting and inculcates every worker with an anti-union message provided by the union avoidance consultant they've brought in. Many consultants recommend that employers hold five of these meetings. It's hard to know what an advantage this is for the employer unless you've tried to help form a union recently.

C then implores me to look at the "big picture." But if we're looking at the big picture, we should also be able to consider the venerable, yet highly questionable features of our labor relations system that may bias elections in the other direction. One I remember from my Labor Law class is the perverse rule that bans employers from attempting to buy off workers by giving them raises. Why isn't that legimitate? The employer doesn't want a union and is willing to pay good money to avoid it!  Isn't the idea to benefit workers? Or is the idea to protect the institutional status of unions by making sure benefits flow through them?

If we're going to reexamine the rules, let's reexamine all the rules, not just the ones union organizers don't like. ... 2:44 A.M. link




Saturday, October 11, 2008

Geraghty carves up the latest Newsweek poll, which has Obama up by 11. ... Newsweek's findings that McCain is doing better among young people than old people, and better among women than men, seem especially strange. A party breakdown of 40 Dems for every 27 Republicans seems much less strange. ...  "Never pay attention to a Newsweek poll" is always a good rule of thumb. ... [Tks to reader B.K. ] 5:39 P.M.