Does Hillary want Gore to run?

Does Hillary want Gore to run?

Does Hillary want Gore to run?

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April 30 2007 4:50 PM

Does Hillary Want Gore In?

It's a not-so-crazy strategy for victory.

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Clinton Inflation Watch: Mystery Pollster proposes a way to test Chris Bowers' explanation of Clinton's poorer showing in the Rasmussen robotic poll. (Bowers' theory is that the hard-core, more likely to vote Dems selected by Rasmussen's tight voter screen are more hostile to Hillary.) ... P.S.: If it turns out that hard-core Dems aren't really all that different from Dem voters in general, that would render more plausible kf 'salternative "Don't Tell Mama" explanation--that voters of all core-hardness will tell truths to Rasumussen's robots they won't tell regular human interviewers. ... P.S.: Of course, the two theories aren't incompatible. Specifically, it could be that hard core Dems don't differ from regular Dems when they answer human polltakers' questions, but they differentially blurt out their Hillary hatred to the robotic questioners! To really get to the truth, you'd need a) to conduct MP's proposed big poll comparing hard core and regular Dem voters; and b) to conduct this big poll non-robotically and robotically. ... Seems worth it, at least if you're Hillary. 4:02 P.M.

Has CBS's hiring of Katie Couric turned out to be a mistake? Not necessarily--if, as suggested in this space, CBS's decision was not about boosting the CBS Evening News but about damaging NBC's profitable Today Show. Today has been damaged, at least a bit. ... 2:29 P.M.

Cooler Heads: Former U.S. Mideast envoy Dennis Ross further undermines the hawk-promoted idea that the resolution of Iran's sailor-seizure was a "humiliation" for the West. Sorry, Charles!   ... The abrupt release of the hostages means (according to Ross) that within Iran's government, Ahmadinejad and the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) were the losers and the pragmatist viewpoint was the winner--with encouraging implications for negotiations on the nuclear issue:

The Iranian leadership as a whole wants nuclear weapons and sees its interests in the Middle East largely as opposed to ours. But the non-IRGC segments (the mullahs, their merchant-class backers, and the liberalizers associated with former Presidents Ali Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammed Khatami) are mindful of the costs of isolation, and they don't seek nuclear arms at any price. That is the meaning of pragmatism--recognizing Iran's interests and not pursuing a path that ultimately costs Iran more than it gains.

P.S.: How, exactly, did Blair "botch" the hostage crisis again? ... 10:23 A.M.


Doesn't anybody pander anymore? Still no Democratic presidential contender tapping anti-legalization sentiment on immigration. You'd think someone would seize this potentially vote-rich position. Washington Times speculates that someone could be ... Al Gore.

Americans for Better Immigration, which opposes legalization of aliens, graded Mr. Gore an A-minus for his votes in Congress. The group gave a D to both Mr. Edwards and Mr. Obama, and graded Mrs. Clinton a D-minus.

12:05 A.M.

Friday, Ap ril 20, 2007

Alert emailer S.F. asks if NBC, when it broadcast baseball games, refused to show video of fans running onto the field. Most broadcasters don't, on the grounds that it would only encourage more attention-seeking disruptions. ... If that's NBC's practice, why is it OK in order to prevent the disruption of a baseball game but not to prevent mass murder? Just asking. ... [But Brian Williams is anguished about it!--ed  He continues to deceptively and self-servingly focus on the pain of the VT families--he's bonding!--and not the pain of the future families in the future who'll lose sons and daughters to other psychos who want to get their videos on national TV.]

More left-right anti-NBC consensus: HuffPo'sHarry Shearer questions the civic information value of broadcasting the Cho Electronic Press Kit.