Does Hillary want Gore to run?

Does Hillary want Gore to run?

Does Hillary want Gore to run?

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April 30 2007 4:50 PM

Does Hillary Want Gore In?

It's a not-so-crazy strategy for victory.

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Now that's reporting! ... The depressing thing is the debate is so predictable she probably got it right. ... Update: Technically she did, but there were better ledes available once the event had, you know, taken place. "Obama Soars; Hill Bores." ** Something like that (even though I didn't particularly like Obama's disingenuous Schiavo regret--as if it weren't inevitable that bureaucrats or judges decide on end-of-life questions when family members can't agree). ... Chris Matthews must have been compensating when he said Hillary did well. If that's the non-grating Hillary, I hope we don't see the grating Hillary.*** ... Kucinich chipped away at her war vote effectively, I thought. ... Edwards kind of faded into the background. Crickets didn't chirp--they completed their entire life-cycle during the pause after Edwards was asked to name his 'moral leader.' ...

More: Here's Pickler's post-debate lede:

Democratic presidential hopefuls flashed their anti-war credentials Thursday night and heaped criticism on President Bush's Iraq policy in an early first debate of the 2008 campaign.

The one she wrote before the debate was better! This one could have been written in 2005. ...

**--The Lesson of Lawrence O'Donnell: In punditry, it's more important to have strong opinions than accurate opinions. That's mine! ...


***-- NYT's Nagourney and Zeleny say Hillary was "professorial and emphatic."Translation: Grating! ... 3:17 P.M. link

Wednesday, Ap ril 25, 2007

Look who's discovered "rebranding." ... Update: Alert reader E.C. claims this is a hardy perennial, citing an eerily similar kf entry from three years ago. I'd forgotten that one! But the 2004 Sullivan item it discusses didn't adopt the term "rebranding." ... P.S.: Am I the only one who finds Sullivan, in his high-horse Brit leader-writer bloviation mode, virtually unreadable?

The United States confronts a crisis in leadership ... It is long past time to retire the idea ...   the collapse of America's moral standing ...  Neither extreme ... And yet America remains the indispensable nation.  ... The president, moreover  ... We can and should debate how this came to be the case ... .

Luckily, there are other Sullivan modes. ...  11:56 P.M. link

Note to Doug Bailey and Gerald Rafshoon of Unity08: Is Steve Kornacki really the guy you want as "an organizer for Unity08"? Judging from this ill-supported pro-Pelosi party-line op-ed in the New York Observer, Kornacki doesn't seem to think that (to quote from the Unity '08's "What We Believe" statement):