Buried lede of the week

Buried lede of the week

Buried lede of the week

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July 18 2006 3:52 AM

Buried Lede of the Week

Did Clinton hint we went to war for Israel?

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The Note is

a) parodying itself

b) becoming a parody of itself

It's a fine line! You make the call. (But I say (b), in this case.)  1:05 A.M.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006


If Congress doesn't pass an immigration bill this year, that does not simply preserve the status quo! 12:54 A.M.

Dan Riehl says the problem with Kos isn't Kosola. ... P.S.: Riehl has a habit of burying his lede. You want to scroll down to the paragraph that begins, "As an aside, ..." 12:53 A.M.

Has McCain blown the GOP nomination? Not yet! 12:08 A.M.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

The Cannon Con: GOP Rep. Chris Cannon has a clear interpretation of his 56-44 primary victory over a Tancredo-like border-enforcement challenger:

Rep. Chris Cannon said his solid victory in Utah's Republican primary is good news for President Bush and those seeking a consensus on immigration policy this year. Cannon supports President Bush's proposal for a guest-worker program ... . [Emphasis added]

Hmmm. It's certainly tempting to describe a reversed-image, bookend-like parallelism between Cannon's primary victory and Brian Bilbray's victory in California's recent open seat election. And that seems to be the CW approach: a) TheCalifornia race showed that the anti-GOP wave wasn't big enough to displace a veteran Republican in a Republican district.  Utah showed the conservative anti-legalization wave wasn't big enough to displace a veteran Republican in a Republican district.  b) California demonstrated that opposition to legalizing illegal immigration is a strong force. Utah demonstrated it's not that strong. c) The Sensenbrenner "enforcement-only" approach wins one (CA). The Bush "comprehensive" approach wins the other (Utah). d) In both races, last-minute gaffes hurt the challengers, muddling the contrasting take-home lessons.