The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

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Oct. 24 2005 1:58 PM

The NYT Retreats, Incoherently

An "entanglement" exception to the First Amendment?

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P.S.: It's also quite possible that Fitzgerald will indict several Bush aides, who will then beat the rap at trial. Would acquittals be a vindication of Bush's Iraq policy? Of course not. But if the Democrats put the Iraq war on trial, they might be seen that way.

**--I know, ABC's Halperin & Co. might say they are only parodying hack Democratic media advice. But even if they are, the parody (like all good fiction) reveals a depressing truth about modern Dem politics. Also, they're not. They clearly buy into it. 12:38 P.M. link


Articles of Confederation: The essential mistake was thinking you could replace a centralized, dictatorial regime with a looser decentralized regime and not have old power centers rise up and sow mischief and chaos--resulting in something close to civil war. But I've written enough about the New York Times under Bill Keller! 12:59 A.M. link

How McCain Can Blow It: According to ABC's "The Note," Senator McCain was asked on Tuesday if the critics of his immigration plan were racist.

McCain said he doesn't like to make those kinds of accusations, before adding, "We'll let other people draw those conclusions."

What's wrong with just answering, "No"? ... P.S.: Does McCain really think he's going to win the GOP nomination by enlisting the media in calling Republicans who disagree with his policies bigots? ... P.P.S.: The parallel with welfare reform--where proponents of press-favored liberal policies were always implying that their conservative critics were racists, until the critics (who happened to comprise a large majority of voters) carried the day--seems too obvious to mention. I'll let other people draw those conclusions. ... 12:57 A.M. link

Jane Hamsher suggests that Cheney aide "Scooter" Libby's notorious "Aspen" letter may not be the amusing/tedious Plame-obsessive side issue it seems, but rather somewhere near the heart of Fitzgerald's current case against Libby. And she fingers a likely leaker. ... 2:40 P.M.

Brady Westwater offers a sober three-graf assessment of the achievements and failures of Edmund Bacon, the Philadelphia urban planner who died last week. I only learned about Bacon from his crazed cameo in the excellent documentary, "My Architect." ... 12:45 P.M.

Stenchblogging Update: The Washington Post seems to think the cause of the Mystery Stench in D.C, at least, has been discovered. The alleged culprit--the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission--denies it, so some mystery remains. (And do "roots, gravel and cigarette butts, [and] human personal items" really smell like methane gas?) [Thanks to reader M.12:13 P.M.

Giorgetto Giugiaro, the greatest living auto designer, seems to have definitively lost the magic. His latest is a Ferrari that's, yes, a hack pastiche of styling cliches! ... P.S.: Here is the magic. (And here  ... and here.) 1:54 A.M.