The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

The NYT retreats, incoherently, on Miller.

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Oct. 24 2005 1:58 PM

The NYT Retreats, Incoherently

An "entanglement" exception to the First Amendment?

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If only professional journalists get extra speech privileges, is that an Equal Protection violation? I've received several emails along the following lines:

Only "suspect classes" can assert an equal protection challenge.  Or, more correctly stated, only suspect classes stand much chance of winning.  Suspect classes include race, gender, ethnicity, etc.  Poor people are not a suspect class.  ... So I'm guessing bloggers would not qualify, either.  If not a suspect class, a legislative body only needs a "rational basis" to treat different groups of people differently. [from reader M. G.]


Supreme Court doctrine has been evolving, but when I went to school there were two things that could trigger "strict scrutiny" (and, usually, invalidation) under the Equal Protection clause. One was if a law discriminates against a "suspect class." But the other was if it i nfringes on a "fundamental right."  What's a "fundamental right" if not speech? Is the "fundamental right" trigger no longer operable? ... P.S.: Whether the Court recognizes it or not, the so-called "rational basis" test is a crock. See Robert F. Nagel's famous law review note, "Legislative Purpose, Rationality, and Equal Protection," 82 Yale Law Journal 123 (1972). Every law is perfectly rationally related to the goal of doing exactly what it does. The question is whether some goals are impermissible, a question that can't be answered on the basis of "rationality." That much I remember! ... 3:13 P.M. 


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