Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

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June 14 2005 1:03 AM

Don't Blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

A self-deluding media failed the Democrats.

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Not while Gerstein and Lipscomb are alive! ... Why would Kerry not just make a clean release to everyone? I suppose he might not want his enemies poring over the documents for discrepancies they can use to keep the story alive. But that consideration would seem to be outweighed by the suspicions the limited release creates. ... At the very least, as Lipscomb notes, Kerry should make public the Form 180 that fails to make public his records.  ... P.S.: Like Wade, I would like this to be over! (I would like Kerry to be over.) But it still smells a bit funny. A lot of clever thinking seems to have gone into that Form 180 signing. ...

P.P.S.: I emailed Michael Kranish of the Globe on Tuesday--

Polipundit speculates there were a hundred pages in the file but that you didn't get them all. ... [link omitted]  I assume you did, but wanted to check--the article I saw wasn't clear.  Did you get 100 pages?

I got back the following email:

this was in our story:

On May 20, Kerry signed a document called Standard Form 180, authorizing the Navy to send an  ''undeleted" copy of his ''complete military service record and medical record" to the Globe.

Which doesn't exactly answer the 100 pages question, does it? Let's assume Kranish is jammed with work and not paying close attention. I've emailed him again. ... 1:32 P.M. link

Wednesday, June 8, 2005

A dramatic 75-mile car chase shuts down a major Southern California freeway  for four hours and makes the national NBC Nightly News--but doesn't make the front page of the L.A. Times. It doesn't even make the front page of the local ("California") B-section of the L.A. Times. (There's a teaser for the story, which is on page B3.) The people who edit this paper have no clue. ... Massive layoffs--please!  Update: The L.A. Daily News, the LAT's smaller, Valley-based rival, of course makes the freeway drama its lead story. That's because the Daily News is a newspaper. [As opposed to?--ed. A giant wet blanket smothering any spark of civic engagement in America's second-largest city! ... Sorry, that just sort of popped out.] Update 2: The story did make the front of the second section in the LAT's "Orange County Edition." (The chase was nowhere near Orange County. They must just have sharper editors than the main L.A. edition. But it should have been on A1, not B1, even in the O.C.)  4:02 A.M. link

Tuesday,  June 7, 2005

Cruise Caves? The Huffington Post appears to have a pipeline to Paramount. ... 7:04 P.M.   link

I Ain't Ever Satisfied:Polipundit thinks the records released by Kerry to the Boston Globe were incomplete. I don't believe the Globe's Kranish would write the story as he did if he hadn't received all of the "hundred pages." But I've emailed him. Will let you know if I get a response. ... This passage, from Kerry's Meet the Press interview, is still troubling, though: