Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

Don't blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

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June 14 2005 1:03 AM

Don't Blame Kerry. Blame E.J.!

A self-deluding media failed the Democrats.

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Is there any way to placate the justifiably paranoid Kerry skeptics? Not completely, because of Kerry's Meet the Press comments which suggest that he got some things excluded from even the "complete" record. But releasing those records to all comers and making public the Form 180  itself would help a lot. ... Update: It might even satisfy Lipscomb!  [via Polipundit ] ...2:46 P.M. link

Thursday, June 9, 2005

Every once in a while, Dick Morris gets off a good line:

[Byrd's] defense of the filibuster was natural, since it was he who conducted a lonely 14-hour attempt to kill the 1964 Civil Rights Act by talking until he almost dropped. He stays in office by being a pork-barrel machine who waxes eloquent, at the same time, on the perils of deficit spending.

If he is the Senate's conscience, the body is in deep trouble.

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Why Southern California Suffers: Could the LAT really have been grantedcoveted access to Kerry's military records and not reported the part about his grades? Why, yes! ... Sen. Stennis had nothin' on Times reporter Stephen Braun. ... Or maybe the LAT's editors decided we didn't really need to read about that--too interesting! ... Or maybe the paperdidn't cover it because it was already on TV! ...  P.S.: Braun does say he viewed a "180-page sheaf" of records, which may or may not answer Polipundit's query. ... P.P.S.: Note that this release to the LAT does not come from the government but from "Kerry's Senate office." ... 3:51 P.M. link

Bert Fields on Line 2! Susan Estrich thinks Howard Dean is hurting his cause by "shooting from the lip"  and making "statements that are sure to get attention because they hit flashpoints." Some find this ironic. ... P.S. Has Estrich sued the L.A. Times yet? How's that going? ... Suggestion for Dean: Print your criticisms IN ALL CAPS. That will reassure those big Democratic donors THAT YOU MEAN BUSINESS! ... 2:52 P.M. link

Wade's Wish:Boston Globe Managing Editor Mary Jane Wilkinson , explaining why her paper is not going to make public the Kerry military records it has received:

It is my understanding that Kerry will release these papers to anyone else now that he has signed the Form 180.

Wilkinson's understanding would be wrong, according to the New York Sun'sJosh Gerstein, to whom Kerry denied the records.

A Navy spokesman, Lieutenant Commander Daniel Hernandez, said the waiver applied only to the Boston Globe and did not authorize release of Mr. Kerry's records to the public.

"Kerry controls the release of his records," Commander Hernandez said yesterday. "You have to talk to his office."

The senator also agreed to allow the Los Angeles Times to see his full record, Mr. Wade said yesterday. The spokesman did not respond to a question about why Mr. Kerry did not execute a broader release to all press organizations and the public. Asked whether the senator would permit release of the records to The New York Sun, Mr. Wade said, "The issue is over."