The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

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April 24 2005 4:09 AM

kf Filibusters Itself!

Plus--The Ecology of Blarney.

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Shoot for the Moon! The L.A. Times' goal,  according to Tribune Publishing President Scott Smith, is to reduce the rate of decline in circulation! 

Smith, however, reassured analysts that company-wide bleeding will slow. "Our goal is to substantially reduce year-over-year declines in home-delivery and single copy sales in the September Fas-Fax," he said. "The rate of decline should diminish between now and September."'

Don't worry, honey, the bleeding will ... slow.... There are all those layers to go through! ... P.S.:Times circulation has dropped "more than 5.5%" in the latest report, according to E&P. ... Query: How precipitous does the decline have to be before the LAT's  editors consider soiling themselves by running a gossip column people might actually want to buy the paper to read? (Single copy sales are falling even faster than home delivery.)  ... Classic example of the LAT's slowfooted, clueless stuffy indifference to what people are actually interested in and talking about: The failure to cover Judith Regan's "culture"-bringing move to L.A. in anything other than a 108 word A.P. squib. [Maybe they had something today-ed. You mean I have to go out and pick the paper up off the stack moldering on my front stoop? It had spiders on it and everything. Yecch. But no Regan. ...Can I put it back outside now?] 11:28 A.M.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The New Phrenology: WaPo's Robin Givhan argues that John Bolton's haircut shows he lacks "respect for the job" of U.N. ambassador. She does not seem to be joking. ... P.S.: It could have been worse: Bush could have nominated Bill Gates. ... 11:58 P.M.

Legendarily slanted NYT lede-rewriters at work? Was it true that Tom DeLay "stepped up his crusade against judges" at his press conference yesterday? Only in the New York Times. ... Maguire notes that DeLay was actually backing off. ... 5:22 P.M.

Deborah Orin suggests that Barbara Boxer might be a threat on Hillary Clinton's left flank. ... Hmm. How could Hillary blunt this threat and cement her liberal base for the primaries without getting pushed "to the left the way Dean pushed John Kerry to the left in 2004"? Answer: If she's attacked viciously by Republicans!  No bit of recent news was better for Hillary than GOP consultant Arthur Finkelstein's announcement that he's ginning up a "Stop Her Now"  political action committee for her 2006 New York Senate race. Finkelstein won't beat her, but he (and other similar anti-HRC entrepreneurs staging Swift-ish attacks) will draw enough press attention to disgust the left and provoke an instinctive rally-rounding defense of her. Once she's emotionally re-bonded to them in their aversion to the GOP and its tactics, they're hers--the way the GOP right was Bush's after the 2000 South Carolina primary*--freeing her to a) win the primaries and b) move to the center for the general election without having to worry about losing the left. ... In sum: Finkelstein raises a bunch of money. Hillary solves a political problem. It's win-win! ... Is there more to the allegedly strained cooperation between Finkelstein and Hillary's aides in the Glover Park Group  than meets the eye? [No. Politics is not that Kabuki-esque. Hillary does not want to be attacked. Ever. By anybody-ed. If she were as smart as people say she is maybe she would.] ... P.S.: Hillary's husband called Finkelstein "self-loathing." Like that's a bad thing! [Isn't it?--ed. Self-pity=bad. Self-loathing=one of the most humane and enlightening forces in human history! The Clintons could use a little, anyway.]

*--Peggy Noonan's point. 4:27 P.M. link

Did Richard Brookhiser just call NYT editor Bill Keller a "hack"? I think he did! But in a good way. (But in a bad way of a good way!) 1:30 P.M.

Kerry's Secret Weapon: Polipundit notes the latest development in the agonizingly suspenseful wait for Sen. Kerry to sign the 3-page form releasing his military records. John Hurley, National Director of Vietnam Veterans for John Kerry, was asked last night by Joe Scarborough when Kerry would make good on his televised January 30 promise (to NBC's Tim Russert) to sign the form ("I will"):

I don`t know. I`m sure its soon. He said he would sign it. He is going to sign it, Joe, and I am sure it won`t take that long. [Emph. added]