The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

The Case for Filibusters, Version 2.0

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April 24 2005 4:09 AM

kf Filibusters Itself!

Plus--The Ecology of Blarney.

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Mickey's Assignment Desk, Hardcover Division: Maureen Dowd should write a book about her mother and how Washington, D.C., has changed during her mother's lifetime. Every column Dowd writes about her mother  is direct, funny and moving. ... 8:14 P.M. link

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Vice Chairman Lutz defends General Motors on his blog and once again it's not a worthless exercise. At least he talks about the company's products instead of whining about "legacy" costs. He's surprisingly effective defending his pet Australian import, the Pontiac GTO. ... Does Lutz convince anyone that Forbes' Jerry Flint was wrong when Flint reported that Lutz actually doesn't like many of GM's current designs (even the ones he's supervised) any more than the press does? No. ... P.S.: And if Lutz really thinks that

[t]he Chevy Cobalt was compared favorably to the Mazda 3 in Automobile Magazine recently

he is truly delusional. Still, like a good blogger Lutz links to Automobile piece, so his readers can discover for themselves that it actually says

the Cobalt is a credible effort from GM, but doesn't dislodge the Mazda 3 from its top spot in our pantheon of small cars.

Which is closing-paragraph carmagspeak for "Nice try, buddy, but you're not close." ... P.S.: I just got through test-driving a Mazda 3. It's good, but beatable! (More in "Gearbox"   soon.) ... 2:11 P.M. link

Glory Days: Four Layers of Experienced LAT Editorsreport that the U.S. men's soccer team won the World Cup in 1950, during the oft-forgotten era of American soccer dominance. ... P.S.: There's also the Times' Pulitzer-winning Chico story. The newspaper's correction only looks twenty inches long because they've mistakenly posted it twice! ... [Thanks to S.S, ] 11:26 A.M. link

The Coming Culture War Over Gay TV: Put two facts together:

1) The FCC is coming under pressure to regulate cable TV for decency. President Bush at least temporarily seemed to endorse the idea and the new chairman of the FCC  seems to be heading in that direction

2) Viacom plans to launch Logo, a gay-oriented basic cable channel  at the end of June;

Don't they yield a third likely fact: