Whistling past the libel graveyard.

Whistling past the libel graveyard.

Whistling past the libel graveyard.

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July 17 2004 1:49 PM

No Caterpillar, No Cocoon?

Plus--Whistling past the libel graveyard.

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Noonan asks her readers to tell her how Bush could counter this Kerry appeal. As a Dem to whom the appeal appeals, I'd like to figure out the words that would capture the subliminal sense that we need a break. Maybe, um, "We Need a Break"--or "We Need a Break From Bush" ... Or the plural "A Break from the Bushes" to capture the anti-dynasty vote. ... Or "Time Out" ...

P.S.:  It can't be "Let's Calm Down"--"Calm down" being, it's often noted, the two most aggravating words in the language. It can't really be "Return to Normalcy"--even if that's what the Democrats would like to promise--and not just because of the Harding baggage. Voters know a real return to pre-9/11 normalcy is impossible. They just want some time off from all the radical post-9/11 paradigm-shifting.  ...

P.P.S.: I know that "Let America Be America Again" is an attempt by Kerry to tap into this same theme. But it's too pretentious and confrontational--as if Bush wasn't American. It doesn't capture the less hostile sense of "Nice job, thanks, that's enough world-shaking initiatives for a while, why don't you go sit on the bench while we bring in these other guys." ...

Better nominations along these lines now being accepted. ...

Update: A well-informed e-mailer comes up with the more traditional name for the "Pedro Martinez" approach:

"Bush sucks" is a 46% strategy.  "Gold-watch" Bush is a winning strategy. ...The majority of voters like Bush.  If they're going to get rid of him, they don't want it to be a rejection so much as a mid-course correction. [Emph. added]

He (or she!) adds: "The interesting thing is whether the K campaign can imagine such a strategy, since they all believe--truly believe--that Bush sucks." 2:37 A.M.

John E., You May Already Have Won ...: It's Edwards, suggests NRO's Jim Geraghty, following a tip from this aviation chat board. ... P.S.: The Chamber of Commerce  will not be happy. ... Update: But the N.Y. Post certainly seems confident it's Gephardt. ... Maybe Gephardt gets the post and Edwards gets the plane! ... 12:26 A.M.

Monday, July 5, 2004

Wackily prolific  e-mailer AKB is back, and he makes what seems like a good point--which is that if Kerry picks Gephardt as his running mate, it could be seen by bitter Deaniacs as "paying back to the man who gave him the nomination" by taking down Dean in Iowa. In my experience, Dean supporters are very well-informed and have long memories. And there is always the threat that they will defect to Nader in non-trivial numbers. ... 3:58 P.M.

Milkflop! ... P.S.: According to the Globe's Glen Johnson, even Kerry's boyhood dairy farm was "straddling the Ipswich/Hamilton border"! ... P.P.S.: The presumed Democratic nominee's attempts to emote about the agricultural life sound almost pathetically stilted and phony: