Whistling past the libel graveyard.

Whistling past the libel graveyard.

Whistling past the libel graveyard.

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July 17 2004 1:49 PM

No Caterpillar, No Cocoon?

Plus--Whistling past the libel graveyard.

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Last Wednesday, California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally called on the state's Education Secretary, Richard Riordan, to resign after Riordan joked at a reading event that a 6-year old's name--Isis--meant "stupid, dirty girl." "Would he have done that to a white girl?'' asked Dymally. After learning that Isis was, in fact, white, Dymally cancelled a press conference scheduled for the next day. ... Dymally explained the cancellation by citing Riordan's apology--although he'd earlier declared that Riordan "needed to do more than just apologize." ... P.S.: Perhaps aware that he'd made an utter fool of himself, Dymally then dramatically suspended his staff director, claiming the aide had scheduled the press conference without his permission. ... 10:46 P.M.

My candidate: Did John Kerry really say, in answer to the simple question of whether Bush's Iraq policy had increased the chance of a terrorist attack on America, that he'd have to wait for "the briefing that I'm waiting to get this weekend"? I think he did!  Pathetic. ... P.S.: At least he didn't get testy! ... O.K., O.K., at least he didn't throw anything. .. P.P.S.: Two weeks left for Dems to Panic. Imagine if Kerry does something like that in the debates. ... [Link via Maguire via Instapundit9:56 P.M.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

Roger L. Simon doesn't "despise Bush personally" yet he's voting for him. Curious behavior ... 12:42 A.M. 

Friday, July 9, 2004

Caterpillar's Tricks: Fellow Kerry-basher  John Ellis says  the "talk of the political community" is that there has been "almost no" Edwards Bounce--and the NYT's Adam Nagourney (with his carefully crafted 'comes-at-a-time' hype sentence *) is spinning the Dem's cocoon again. ...

*--The hype sentence:

The Democrats' emerging plan for Mr. Edwards comes at a time when Democratic and even some Republican officials suggest that Mr. Kerry's vice-presidential selection has the potential of being the most politically significant choice since another Massachusetts Democrat, John F. Kennedy, turned to another Southerner, Lyndon B. Johnson, in 1960. [Emphasis added.]

[What's wrong w/ 'comes at a time'?-ed. It's a hack formula that allows the reporter to make any speculative connection he wants to propel the story in the direction he deeply wishes it to go. As in "The controversy over Nagourney's credibility comes at a time when even some Democrats suggest he has the potential to be the most embarrassingly wrong Times correspondent since Judith Miller." That wasn't so long ago.-ed. And which way does that cut?] ... Update: RCP's poll survey does show a small but discernable Edwards Bounce. Even Rasmussen's bouncin' a bit. This does not make Edwards the most politically significant choice since LBJ. ... That was fast: MSNBC reports  "the bounce for the Kerry campaign was small." And it appears to be dissipating rapidly: Princeton Survey Research's poll for NBC on July 6 showed an 8 point Kerry-Edwards lead. The same outfit conducted Newsweek's poll on July 8 and 9 and found only a 3 point K-E advantage. ....  11:47 P.M.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Kerry 'Opt-out' Scenario-fest: He's broken campaign spending promises before ...  It turns out  Prof. Rick Hasen askedkf's question--why can't Kerry pre-buy fall campaign ads with his pre-convention money?--over a month ago. Hasen's post drew a response from everybody's favorite D.C. campaign finance source, attorney Trevor Potter, who wrote: