Got SCOTUS or Scalia questions? Ask Dear Jurisprudence.

Got SCOTUS or Scalia Questions? Ask Dear Jurisprudence.

Got SCOTUS or Scalia Questions? Ask Dear Jurisprudence.

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Feb. 18 2016 11:59 AM

Got Questions About SCOTUS, Scalia, or the Law? Ask Dear Jurisprudence.

Slate’s legal eagles take your questions about the court, the big nominating fight, and more.

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Whether you loved or loathed Antonin Scalia’s tenure on the Supreme Court, it’s hard to deny how big a legacy he left. It’s also hard to deny that the nominating fight to replace him is still a giant, open-ended question mark, and the only thing expected for sure is a lot of partisan shouting on both sides.

If you’ve spent the last week trying to understand the implications of Scalia’s death and the upcoming nominating fight, that’s where Dear Jurisprudence comes in! Slate’s in-house legal experts and Supreme Court reporters, Dahlia Lithwick and Mark Joseph Stern, are here to answer all the questions you’ve been dying to ask.


Simply fill in the below form with your most pressing questions about what happens next for SCOTUS, how the current election cycle might affect the outcome of the nominating fight to come, or what Scalia’s legacy will be, and check back tomorrow for Mark and Dahlia’s answers. Dear Jurisprudence will only answer their favorites, so make ’em good.