Christine Blasey Ford’s Request for an FBI Investigation Makes Perfect Sense

The fact that Republicans are unwilling to grant it shows how completely they diminish sexual violence.

Sept. 19 2018 4:59 PMPaul Manafort’s Lawyers May Have Broken the LawThey should be held accountable.
Sept. 18 2018 2:26 PMMark Judge Must Be Called to the StandSenate Republicans are refusing to call Christine Blasey Ford’s second alleged attacker, perhaps because he’s a terrible character witness for Brett Kavanaugh.
Sept. 17 2018 7:35 PMBrett Kavanaugh Can Be Held Accountable for His Alleged Actions at Age 17The Senate need not punish the Supreme Court nominee. It must determine if he’s telling the truth.
Sept. 16 2018 3:36 PMChristine Blasey Ford Must Be HeardBrett Kavanaugh’s confirmation can’t proceed until his accuser has a chance to testify.
Sept. 14 2018 4:53 PMI Received Some of Kozinski’s Infamous Gag List Emails. I’m Baffled by Kavanaugh’s Responses to Questions About Them.Kavanaugh has said repeatedly that he does not remember whether he received inappropriate emails from the now-disgraced judge. Has he looked?
Sept. 13 2018 1:10 PMWhy Trump Can’t Block Release of the Mueller ReportAny such effort would be an unlawful power grab, not presidential prerogative.
Sept. 12 2018 4:26 PMThe Evidence Is Clear: Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee
Sept. 11 2018 7:43 PMWhen Fact-Checking Becomes CensorshipFacebook has empowered a conservative magazine to suppress liberal viewpoints.
Sept. 10 2018 4:30 PMExecutive Privilege Is a Red HerringTrump doesn’t need to assert it to keep Robert Mueller’s findings hidden.
Sept. 9 2018 8:39 PMSens. Bob Corker, Jeff Flake, and Ben Sasse Have a Way to Constrain TrumpThey can use Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to protect the rule of law—without voting against him.
Sept. 7 2018 11:43 AMI Wrote Some of the Stolen Memos That Brett Kavanaugh Lied to the Senate AboutHe should be impeached, not elevated.
Sept. 6 2018 10:31 PMBrett Kavanaugh Is Cherry-Picking the Cases He Says Count as PrecedentIn his confirmation hearings, the judge is disregarding important rulings protecting abortion and same-sex marriage rights.
Sept. 6 2018 2:18 PMBrett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Isn’t a Sporting EventFor women, it’s a matter of life and death.
Sept. 5 2018 7:20 PMThe Precedent Respecter Has Logged OnBrett Kavanaugh says he follows every Supreme Court precedent. Don’t believe him.
Sept. 4 2018 7:34 PMThe Grotesque Decency of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation HearingsNormalcy and civility are a threat to the rule of law.
Sept. 18 2018 7:35 PMThe Court Without KavanaughThe key cases that will be affected if Trump’s nominee doesn’t get confirmed in September.
Sept. 18 2018 10:00 AMA Killer Who Didn’t KillIn the U.S., you can get convicted of felony murder without taking someone’s life. Curtis Brooks’ case shows that needs to change.
Sept. 17 2018 2:44 PMChristine Blasey Ford’s Timing Isn’t SuspectIt doesn’t matter when assault victims speak up. People will always say they are too late.
Sept. 14 2018 8:18 PMOur System Is Too Broken to Assess the Sexual Assault Claim Against KavanaughNo wonder the accuser wants to stay silent.
Sept. 13 2018 5:37 PMWhy Voting in New York Is So Horrifically Screwed UpBlame a dysfunctional state government, technophobia, and illegal purges.
Sept. 12 2018 6:50 PMRick Scott Is Preparing to Pack the State Supreme Court After His Term EndsThis will end badly.
Sept. 12 2018 1:27 PMSusan Collins Complains of “Bribery” After Nonbillionaires Try to Influence Her Kavanaugh VoteIt’s not illegal when plutocrats do it.
Sept. 10 2018 6:35 PMThe Judicial Assault on Roe v. Wade Has BegunWith Kavanaugh’s confirmation imminent, anti-abortion judges are declaring war on the right to choose.
Sept. 10 2018 5:45 AMThe Rule of Law Is Now DebatableWith Donald Trump as president, unambiguous first principles have become “political controversies” that a Supreme Court nominee must avoid.
Sept. 7 2018 7:10 PMAn Excruciating Juxtaposition of Trauma and CluelessnessThe last day of the Kavanaugh hearings revealed the enormous gulf between the nominee’s supporters and the victims of his jurisprudence.
Sept. 7 2018 11:04 AMKavanaugh’s Refusal to Recuse Himself From Mueller’s Cases Tells You Everything You Need to Know
Sept. 6 2018 7:27 PMBrett Kavanaugh Failed the Alex Kozinski TestThe Supreme Court nominee shows you don’t have to be a sexual harasser to perpetuate a system of abuse.
Sept. 6 2018 10:51 AMThe Brett Kavanaugh Document Cover-Up Is a Stain on the Senate
Sept. 5 2018 7:13 PMKavanaugh’s Campaign Finance Record Shows an Atrocious Disregard for Precedent
Sept. 4 2018 7:10 PMBen Sasse Would Like to Tell You What’s Wrong With the GovernmentThe Nebraska senator says executive branch agencies have too much power. Don’t believe him.