Slate's iPad App v2 FAQs

Slate's iPad App v2 FAQs

Slate's iPad App v2 FAQs

The inner workings of Slate.
March 12 2013 6:30 PM

Slate's iPad App v2

Frequently Asked Questions

What stories are in the carousel?

The carousel contains the stories you see in the covers area and row of 4 on the desktop web Homepage.  These are hand-picked, Editorially promoted pieces.  It also includes our recently published videos.

Can I navigate to a specific section?


Simply tap the icon in the top right area of the app with the three lines.  You'll see all of our sections and links to our Blogs, Photos, and Blockbusters which is a sampling of our longform content.

I couldn't see interactives and multiple images in the older version of the app.  Can I see those now?

Yes!  You can play the weekly Slate News Quiz and view multiple images in stories like Behold blog posts.  You will also be able to play videos inline in articles and blog posts.

Can I adjust the text size?


You can currently update the text size of the article, blog and photo content.  There are two ways to do this: (1) under Settings (the gear in the top right area of the app), tap Text Size to choose from Small, Normal, or Large or (2) in an article, for example, tap the 'Aa' button.

What services can I use to log in with to post comments?

Your Slate, Facebook, or Twitter accounts.  You must have registered on before being able to post a comment.  We will be adding registration to the app soon.

How do I use the Read Later functionality?


You must sign in or register with a Slate, Facebook, or Twitter account. This will also give you access to our personalization platform, Slate Favorites, that allows you to follow specific streams of content - sections, rubrics (subsections), and authors. You can access this content seamlessly between the iPad app and the desktop web.

The app is crashing. Why and what do I do?

The app can crash for a variety of reasons, some relating to the code of the app, some relating to the device being used. We receive crash reports when the app crashes and constantly work on them, especially the most commonly experienced ones. In the meantime, try deleting the app and reinstalling from iTunes. A new version of the app should be available soon to help. Please email with specific details.



Do you see emails I send to

Yes, we see all of these emails.  We don't have time to respond to all of them but rest assured your feedback is being heard and is appreciated.  Please submit any bugs or feature requests to that email address.