Slate’s iOS app v5.0+ FAQs

Slate’s iOS app v5.0+ FAQs

Slate’s iOS app v5.0+ FAQs

The inner workings of Slate.
Oct. 18 2016 6:30 PM

FAQs for Slate’s iOS App

For versions 5.0 and up.


The FAQs below relate to version 5.0 and up of the iOS app. If the content and screenshots below look different than the app you are currently using, please update your app here.



How do I enable or disable push notifications?

On your iOS device (outside of the app), navigate to Settings -> Notifications -> We try to be selective and respectful when sending push notifications. If you have feedback on specific types of notifications you’d like to receive (or not receive), please email

Can I search in the app?

Yes. You’ll find searching in the Menu (the icon with three lines in the top left of most pages in the app).


How do I resize text?

In the far left of the toolbar on articles, tap the aA icon to change the text size. There are five text size options: extra small, small, medium (default), large, extra large. The font setting you choose will persist as you read across the app.


How do I save a story, and where is the list of my saved stories?

In the middle-left portion of the toolbar on articles, tap the ribbon icon to save the story you are reading. After tapping, the ribbon will fill in confirming the article has been saved.


You can find the Saved section in the Menu.


How do I view reader comments on stories?

In the middle-right portion of the toolbar on articles, tap the comment icon to open the comments section. If you wish to make a comment, you must log in. Tap the “Write a comment…” box in the commenting overlay to call up the Log In/Create Account screen.


How do I share a story?


In the far right of the toolbar on articles, tap the share icon to display your sharing options.


I can’t play the News Quiz in the app. Why?

We really love the News Quiz (and our other interactives), and we are working hard on finding the best way for users to interact with them in the app. We plan to have a solution in place very soon. Be on the lookout for new app updates. In the meantime, our News Quiz is published every Friday morning and can be found on this page.

How do I log in or create an account?


There are two ways to do this:

  1. Under the Menu, tap Log In/Create Account at the bottom
  2. Tap the “Write a comment…” box in the comment overlay

What is Slate Plus?

Slate Plus is Slate’s membership program. When you join, you help us build a better magazine, and you get a suite of benefits that help you get more from our site and our podcasts.

What kind of perks are we talking about?

And more!

  • Presales and discounts on tickets to Slate events
  • An ad-free version of Slate’s iOS app
  • The American Values Club crossword every week
  • The Slate Plus Digest, our weekly newsletter with reading recommendations from Slate and around the web.

You can learn more about the full suite of benefits here.

How do I sign up for Slate Plus and how much is it?

In the Menu, navigate to the Slate Plus section, tap into a story and scroll. You’ll be presented with a screen explaining the benefits and pricing options. You can follow the same flow by tapping into any story with a S+ logo. Slate Plus costs $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

After I purchased Slate Plus through the app, you asked me to create an account. Why should I do that?

Creating an account allows you to access all of your Slate Plus benefits on, not just in the app. You also get access to an ad-free experience on, special Slate Plus only newsletters, discounts on live events, and more. Signing up for an account or logging into your existing account after your Slate Plus purchase is the best way to get the most of out of your subscription.

How do I report a bug or ask you a question?

Email We can’t respond to every email we receive, but we do read every one of them. We really appreciate your feedback and questions.

The app is crashing. Why and what do I do?

The app can crash for a variety of reasons, some relating to the code of the app, some relating to the device being used. We receive crash reports when the app crashes and constantly work on them, especially the most commonly experienced ones. In the meantime, try deleting the app and reinstalling from iTunes. Please email with specific details.