The Book of Mormon, the Broadway musical by the creators of South Park, isn't anti-Mormon, it's anti-stupidity. (VIDEO)

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Feb. 15 2011 11:15 AM

On a Mission

The new Broadway musical by the creators of South Park isn't anti-Mormon. Like all of their work, it's anti-stupidity.

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The day I spoke with Stone, I coincidentally ran into a group of Mormon missionaries in the lobby of a mall. They hadn't heard about the musical, but they'd seen the Mormon episode of South Park. I asked if they believed the story of Joseph Smith was literally true, or just a tall tale from which to draw lessons. Oh it's true, said a dapper-looking elder: "I didn't see the plates for myself or anything, but I know it happened. The spirit told me it's true." Not much room for argument. He then gave me a message to pass along to Parker and Stone: "Tell them I said 'hi' and I think their show is funny." So freakin' nice.

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Christopher Beam is a writer living in Beijing.

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