The Bro Kings

How Entourage went from critical darling to cultural punching bag.

May 29 2015 12:03 PMWhy Are Indian Kids So Good at Spelling?Because they have their own minor-league spelling bee circuit.
May 20 2015 10:01 AMHotel HellsWhy disgusting hotels are existentially upsetting.
May 15 2015 5:53 PMB.B. King’s Greatest PerformanceThe three-song medley at the heart of his masterpiece may be the best 12 minutes of live musical performance ever recorded.
May 14 2015 10:30 AMLarge as LifeWhat it’s like being a Fat Amy–sized actress in Hollywood.
May 1 2015 1:20 PM“Paying Attention and Paying Respect Is All That Writers Can Do”Why PEN is right to honor Charlie Hebdo.
May 1 2015 10:28 AMWhat Was the Venus de Milo Doing With Her Arms?3-D printing allows us to test a provocative theory that she was busy spinning thread.
April 29 2015 10:14 AMWhere Did Kurtz Come From?A new theory on the origins of the legendary character from Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness.
April 27 2015 9:01 AMFrontiers of the StuplimeSitting in on UPenn’s controversial seminar in “Wasting Time on the Internet.”
April 21 2015 9:30 AMIt’s Not DoneWhy did I watch It Follows twice? What was I seeking in the feeling of fear?
April 10 2015 11:13 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?How Laura Bennett sustains “a great tradition of tiny, ridiculous arguments, vigorously defended.”
April 9 2015 3:31 PMDaredevil Is the Best Superhero TV Series I’ve Ever SeenDark and gripping, smart and sure-footed—and no pretentious brooding or fanboy pandering.
April 6 2015 10:31 AMThe Binoche EffectA French actress becomes a world cinema auteur.
March 31 2015 6:41 PMWere We Too Hard on Jonah Lehrer?A new book says yes. The facts say no.
March 26 2015 4:11 PMOvercookedAction Bronson has all the ingredients of hip-hop greatness. Why does his major label debut taste funny?
March 23 2015 10:30 AMThe Week the ’60s Were BornMarch 20–28, 1965—50 years ago.
May 28 2015 9:54 PMNo, Brad Bird Isn’t a Disciple of Ayn RandThe key philosophical influence on the director of Tomorrowland and The Incredibles isn’t the Atlas Shrugged author. It’s Walt Disney.
May 18 2015 12:27 PMWhat Coke Taught the WorldThe “It’s the Real Thing” ads were among the first to recognize the market potential of a multicultural America. 
May 14 2015 11:41 AMTiny LibrariesBorrowing books from the world’s nooks and crannies.
May 6 2015 2:09 PM“We Express Ourselves to Cure the World”PEN President Andrew Solomon on Charlie Hebdo and “the intersection of language and justice” around the world.
May 1 2015 11:45 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Dan Kois found the single rightest thing ever published at Slate Dot Com.
April 30 2015 10:34 AMI Love MyselfIs first-person journalism a pox on the profession—or a valuable weapon?
April 28 2015 1:59 PM“Where Are the Police?”When cities spasm with violence for complicated reasons, that’s the only question CNN wants to ask.
April 23 2015 3:45 PMWhy Superheroes Don’t KillBatman’s murderous past, and why Daredevil agonizes over killing the Kingpin.
April 10 2015 9:01 PMIn Defense of the TakeNot all opinion journalism is glib and vapid.
April 10 2015 10:20 AMDaredevil’s Greatest Superpower Is His CatholicismIt’s also his greatest enemy.
April 7 2015 10:00 AMWhat’s the Yams?How the annotation site Genius awakened the hyperintellectual close reader slumbering within us all.
April 3 2015 10:20 AMHow to Survive Henry VIIIMy seven-point plan to avoid the fate of Anne Boleyn.
March 29 2015 7:14 PMBiggest SelloutNow that Guinness World Records is in bed with publicity-seeking companies, can we trust it?
March 25 2015 12:46 PMWhat We Were Watching: Guess WhoTen years ago this Bernie Mac comedy was No. 1 at the box office. Bernie Mac holds up! The social commentary does not.
March 20 2015 10:46 AMDavid O. Russell’s Lost MovieRussell abandoned Accidental Love in 2010. You can finally watch it—and see the link between his career nadir and his current winning streak.