The Distributor as Auteur

Can the scrappy company behind Room, Spring Breakers, and The End of the Tour save the film industry?

Oct. 2 2015 2:42 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Senior editor Forrest Wickman read a few skeptical takes about Trump, Pope Francis, and #BannedBooksWeek.
Sept. 24 2015 1:41 PMThe New ATLiensDrake is the biggest rapper in our world, but his new mixtape with Future reveals just how much Atlanta has become its own galaxy.
Sept. 10 2015 5:30 AMName That NovelGuess the classic novel based on a line from a contemporary review.
Sept. 2 2015 5:57 AMThe United Slang of AmericaIf every state had an official word, what would it be? (Connecticut, you get glawackus.)
Aug. 18 2015 5:45 AMA Conversation With James WoodThe New Yorker critic on how technology is changing reading, how aging changes critics, and what he’d change about his David Foster Wallace review.
Aug. 14 2015 6:17 AMWhat Happened at Slate Since I Got Here?How I went from new guy who somehow got a key to the building to actual real deal Slate editor.
Aug. 12 2015 5:48 AM“Everything Is Not The WireDavid Simon would like you to stop trying to understand what’s going on in Baltimore by quoting his TV show.
Aug. 11 2015 10:01 AM“Nobody Loves You. Nobody Sees You. Nobody Touches You.”How books and films explore, and obscure, the sexuality of teen girls.
Aug. 10 2015 5:30 AMNothing Was the SameIn another era, Meek Mill might have had the upper hand in his beef with Drake—an era before Drake rewrote all the rules.
Aug. 3 2015 4:08 PMHas Kendrick Lamar Recorded the New Black National Anthem?Singing “Alright” in a summer of protest, despair, and hope.
July 31 2015 10:57 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?Aisha Harris rounds up some shocking, informative, and hilarious reads.
July 31 2015 9:45 AMFeat. Don’t Fail Me NowThe rise of the featured rapper in pop music.
July 26 2015 9:03 PMAmy, What You Wanna Do?There’s more ahead of Amy Schumer than rom-coms. Mapping a course for a comedy star in the making.
July 24 2015 5:45 AMAshley Monroe’s Long Hard RoadHow a woman becomes a country star when country radio won’t play women.
July 22 2015 4:31 PMTo See Which Way the Wind BlowsA new book explores what really happened the night Dylan went electric.
Sept. 28 2015 5:52 AMBanned Books Week Is a CrockThat’s good news! No one bans books anymore. We won!
Sept. 18 2015 1:41 PMA New Game AfootKareem Abdul-Jabbar on why he decided to write a novel about Sherlock Holmes’ older brother, Mycroft.
Sept. 8 2015 11:05 AMTab Roulette: The Cultural EditionWhat browser tabs do Slate culture editors have open right now?
Aug. 31 2015 5:57 AMFamous Last WordsThe rise of the viral obituary.
Aug. 17 2015 9:00 AMGraphite Against a Sharp White BackgroundHow to be a successful black tennis player.
Aug. 12 2015 4:20 PMThe Gerwigification of Noah BaumbachCollaborating with Greta Gerwig has forced the director to lighten up. It’s good for him.
Aug. 11 2015 6:47 PMDangerous TropesHow the Michelle Pfeiffer hit Dangerous Minds put an overtly paternalistic twist on a saccharine genre.
Aug. 10 2015 6:17 PMThe Fantastic Four Are JerksThey’ve always been elitist, reckless, and mean. No wonder their movie flopped.
Aug. 7 2015 9:47 AMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?A few joyful reads that made a copy editor lose her cool.
Aug. 3 2015 11:48 AMBehind the Year of Outrage Here’s how Slate tracked down everything we were angry about in 2014. 
July 31 2015 10:37 AMDavid Foster Wallace’s Favorite LieHow the final scene in The End of the Tour fell for it.
July 28 2015 11:11 AMChecked OutThe Library of Congress has let itself become obsolete. It needs a new leader who can steer it into the digital age.
July 24 2015 4:28 PMWhat Happened at Slate This Week?The one story that trumped them all.
July 23 2015 12:42 PM“It’s Just Mean to Be Mean”Gawker staff reflects on Nick Denton and the site’s mission.
July 21 2015 1:03 PM“Be Feared if You’re Not to Be Respected”Gawker once held itself apart from a media it saw as cautious and compromised. It can’t do that anymore.