How Do You Solve a Problem Like Denzel? 

How did the best film actor of his generation end up playing badasses in action movies? 

Sept. 18 2014 4:00 PMWhen The Cosby Show Got “Very Special”Why were The Cosby Show’s Very Special Episodes so much better than every other ’80s sitcom’s?
Sept. 11 2014 11:38 PMThe Beatles. Bob Dylan. Biggie Smalls.Why the rapper belongs in the company of pop’s most influential artists.
Sept. 8 2014 11:00 PMReading InsecurityHas the Internet killed thoughtful, prolonged engagement with a text—or are we nostalgic for a reading Eden that never existed?
Aug. 21 2014 4:21 PMBetter Than DirtMoe Szyslak, The Simpsons’ pressure valve for the release of cruelty.
Aug. 17 2014 8:30 PMBoyhood Deserves a Best Picture NominationSlate’s road map to make it happen.
Aug. 5 2014 8:51 AMSlate Voice: “Where I’m From”Listen to Aisha Harris read one of her most popular articles from the month of July.
July 29 2014 5:12 PMWhere I’m FromHow a trip to Kenya changed the way I think about the terms African-American and black American.
July 17 2014 4:20 PMHard TimesA more intimate, realistic tale of male strippers than Magic Mike.
July 14 2014 11:39 PMAre More Junes Born in June?The calendar’s powerful effect on baby naming.
July 1 2014 11:56 AMRandy Newman’s SoulThe songwriter revisits the musical-theater career he might have had, for one night only, with Faust.
June 27 2014 1:37 PMRumble FishAn excerpt from the first e-book edition of S.E. Hinton’s classic YA novel.
June 24 2014 11:53 PMThe Radical Notion of Michael Jackson’s HumanityFive years after his death, we’ve done little to locate the man beneath the tabloid caricature.
June 18 2014 11:49 PMGood Times Bad TimesModern rock didn’t start with Dylan or the Beatles. It started with Zeppelin.
June 16 2014 3:47 PMCrying ShameWe don’t look down on movies designed to make us laugh—why do we look down on ones designed to make us cry?
June 12 2014 11:59 AMThe Tragedie of Scar, King of Pride RockThe Shakespearean grandeur of The Lion King’s villain.
Sept. 12 2014 8:29 PMTeddy Roosevelt Would Never Get Elected in 2014Ken Burns on why he fell in love with TR and FDR, and what the presidential cousins would make of our own political moment.
Sept. 8 2014 11:30 PMYour Call Is Important to UsThe history and psychology of hold music.
Aug. 22 2014 11:49 AMThe Rom-Com RebornAfter 25 mediocre years, The One I Love and its ilk are reinventing the genre.
Aug. 21 2014 10:34 AMYou’ve Never Watched The Simpsons Before? That’s Unpossible!Marathon-watching the show that gave my generation its soul.
Aug. 12 2014 8:04 PMThe Rules of Twitter GriefTen lessons about micro-mourning without antagonizing your followers.
July 31 2014 11:44 PMThe Great Man Theory of FunkGet On Up shows us James Brown the unstoppable personality, but skimps on James Brown the musician.
July 21 2014 11:43 PMGone to the DogsThe strange rituals—and stranger people—you find at the dog park.
July 17 2014 8:27 AMMeet RutherfordThe surprisingly durable American habit of naming kids after sitting presidents.
July 10 2014 12:35 PMThis Little Space in BetweenBoyhood reveals what Richard Linklater’s true subject has been all along.
June 29 2014 11:45 PMShouldn’t Artists Benefit When Their Paintings Auction for Millions?A new bill giving American artists rights their European counterparts enjoy probably won’t pass. It should.
June 26 2014 8:11 AMThe Longest Movie Plot Summary on WikipediaDoes it belong to Ben-Hur? Star Wars? Inception? (Hint: You’re not even getting warm.)
June 19 2014 11:33 PMThe Freaks and Geeks Series BiblePaul Feig’s 1999 blueprint for the show.
June 17 2014 11:42 PMFilmmakers in DisguiseWhat I learned about Hollywood by shooting a guerrilla documentary about the next Transformers movie.
June 16 2014 1:02 PMD3N1ED PL8S995 vanity plates that were too risqué for the Utah DMV.
June 6 2014 3:34 PMThe Acoustics of EavesdroppingWhere not to have a private conversation.