The list of things blockchain will revolutionize, according to the tech industry

The List of Things Blockchain Is Supposed to Revolutionize

The List of Things Blockchain Is Supposed to Revolutionize

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Oct. 27 2017 4:02 PM

Things Blockchain Is Supposed to Revolutionize

It seems like Blockchain is going to change everything.

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Updated, Aug. 10, 2018: Here are 47 more things blockchain is supposed to revolutionize


5. parenting


25. Audi

30. wine

32. sex work

33. marriage

37. passwords

39. marijuana

43. drinking

47. religion

Original post: Blockchain fever is rising and shows no signs of breaking anytime soon.

Blockchain is best known for its association with bitcoin. It's a digital record technology—essentially just a digital ledger—that allows people to make instant and secure transactions. The ledger is shared publicly and allows contracts to be executing automatically, without need for a central authority like a bank.

And now virtually every actor in the tech industry is scrambling to capitalize: startups, big tech, venture capitalists, “thought leaders.” Billions of dollars are now going into the technology. Blockchain has become such a buzzword that a British company saw its shares rise 394 percent after adding the term to its name on Thursday.

Tech capitalists seem to believe that blockchain will revolutionize virtually everything on this earth, so Slate decided to make a list of all the things that the industry says blockchain will disrupt.

As I was making this list, I started to wonder if there was anything it wasn’t going to revolutionize, so I just began Googling the term “blockchain” followed by a random object on my desk.

For example, I was drinking coffee, so I searched “blockchain coffee” and found out that coffee kiosks are using blockchain to track the origins of their beans. I also have a football sitting near my filing cabinet, so I searched “blockchain football” and, what do you know, Intel was able to use blockchain protocols for fantasy football.

The smartphone on my right? A search for “blockchain smartphone” reveals that UK-based Sirin labs is developing a smartphone that runs on blockchain. It will sell for $1,000.

My cup of water? The “blockchain water” search retrieved info on a U.S. research group has incorporated blockchain into the way it purifies fracking water.

Below is a list of things that blockchain is supposed to revolutionize. It is by no means comprehensive:

11. ID cards

21. eBay

22. credit

30. voting

34. porn

35. Reddit

42. anarchy

44. taxes

47. Airbnb

48. dating

52. sneakers

53. toasters

54. watches

57. e-books

This post has been updated for clarity.

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