Pop, Race, and the '60s: A Slate Academy



Join Slate pop critic Jack Hamilton for a bold re-examination of the music of the ’60s. Hamilton and his guests tease out the musical subtleties and historical origins of songs by Bob Dylan, Sam Cooke, the Beatles, Aretha Franklin, the Rolling Stones, and more. Come away with a fresh perspective on some classic records and an enriched understanding of the tangled relationship between pop and soul, music and politics, entertainment and struggle.

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This Slate Academy includes:
  • A five-episode podcast featuring Jack Hamilton and leading critics and experts on the music of the ’60s.
  • A lively Facebook group to discuss the podcast and the music with Jack and your fellow Slate Academy members.
  • Illuminating essays and book excerpts to take you deeper into the music and history.


Two iconic protest anthems reveal the deeply interconnected—and interracial—roots of ’60s folk, soul, and rock and roll.

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A deep dive into the subject of "soul" by way of one of the decade's most famous singers, and one of its most overlooked.

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The transatlantic musical conversation between the Beatles and Motown, and how it changed the course of popular music.

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A glimpse into late-’60s rock’s tangled relationship to race, gender, and sexuality via the music of two of the decade's most controversial musicians.

Two of the decade’s most influential artists transition into the 1970s in bold, groundbreaking, and troubling fashion.


Pop, Race, and the ’60s is made possible thanks to the generosity of the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, home of the radio/podcast programs With Good Reason and BackStory.
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