Slate’s Game of Thrones TV Club

Game of Thrones TV Club

With June Thomas, Seth Stevenson, and Isaac Butler

At long last, winter is here. Join June Thomas, Seth Stevenson, Isaac Butler, and other Slatesters as they cast their swords and don their furs to weather the latest season of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Follow along as they recap each thrilling new episode, as we embark on the Great War for the Iron Throne.

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Season 7

The Slatesters discuss Daenerys and Jon Snow’s long-awaited meeting, Cersei’s ruthless means of torture and revenge, and Bran’s rude teenage manners.

The Slatesters recap the penultimate episode of the seventh season, "Beyond the Wall." Our critics discuss Sansa and Arya’s complicated relationship and all the improbable events that occurred as Jon Snow and his ragtag team came head-to-head with the Night King and his wights.

The Slatesters recap this season’s finale—the big meeting of powers at King’s Landing, the not-surprising reveal of Jon’s lineage, what they think might happen in the final season, and of course, the Worst Person in Westeros.

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