OpenAccount Season 2 Episode 3 - presented by Umpqua Bank and SlateCustom

Practical Dreamers

Practical Dreamers

Practical Dreamers

Immigration and Financial Assimilation


Cultural integration isn't synonymous with financial integration.

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In this three-act story, we hear from our host SuChin Pak, first-generation Indian-American Santhosh Daniel, and previously undocumented Venezuelan immigrant Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis, about how to survive —and thrive—in our vibrant, complicated, and sometimes inscrutable American economy.

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Open Account is a series of podcasts hosted by SuChin Pak about why money is so universally thrilling, confusing, powerful, and stressful — no matter how much, or how little, you have.

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Open Account was created in partnership with Umpqua Bank, the West Coast’s largest and most unconventional community bank.

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