We're Talking About: June 14, 2010
We're Talking About: June 14, 2010
The XX Factor
What Women Really Think
June 14 2010 11:30 AM

We're Talking About: June 14, 2010


-Research shows that guest slots on Sunday morning talk shows are dominated by men, prompting women's advocates to protest the imbalance . [ Politico ]


-Playing safe with her political endorsements, Sarah Palin seems to have abandoned "Going Rogue " in favor of going to the White House. [ Salon ]

-Although female spending power is on the rise, few companies have started targeting advertising toward women . [ Newsweek ]

-Do little girls " playing sexy " turn into young women who separate flirtation from feeling? [ New York Times ]

-Former members of the Church of Scientology claim they were forced to have abortions . [ Gawker ]

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