They Zig, I Zag
They Zig, I Zag
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Aug. 10 2009 1:29 PM

They Zig, I Zag


So I've been playing this La Roux song from Sean's 'Summer No Bummer' playlist on endless repeat. Here's the chorus:


Early nineties decor
It was a day for
We wanted to play
But we had nothing left to play for
Colourless Colour
Once in fashion
And soon to be seen

Ah, Elly Jackson, sing the Summer of My Discontent! Kidding. Sort of. Do you ever get the feeling that style cycles are speeding up too quickly and what's considered hip and new is just a painful rehash of stuff that was hideooooous to start with? For instance, this Garouste and Bonetti revival I'm seeing in all the mags. I'm trying to understand but to me it all looks like the Bette Midler movie Outrageous Fortune .

So instead of getting more de Pressed I'm just gonna get all De Stijl , the reductivist art movement and general body of work that lasted from 1917-31. That's like a milennium in today's ADD style consciousness! In a nutshell, the mostly Dutch Stijl-ers sought harmony through right angles, pure geometry, and primary colors (plus black and white). Of course this style has been revived over and over since the days of Piet Mondrian and Gerrit Rietveld but there's nothing more basic than Gerry's iconic Zig Zag chair . I want four around a Parsons breakfast table painted glossy red, yellow, blue, and black. This knockoff pictured sells for $250 each, way less than the licensed version and without those pesky Zoloft side effects (diarrhea). Too uncomfortable-looking for everyday use? Buy one as a piece of sculpture. (Modani says they're also good for storage, such as as glass vases full of apples. When I want Surrealism I'll let you know!)

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