Conservative media was all about leaks today.

Today in Conservative Media: White House Leaks Prove Trump Isn’t a Fascist

Today in Conservative Media: White House Leaks Prove Trump Isn’t a Fascist

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May 12 2017 4:40 PM

Today in Conservative Media: White House Leaks Prove Trump Isn’t a Fascist

Donald Trump.

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In a threatening Friday morning tweet, President Donald Trump warned former FBI Director James Comey against “leaking to the press”:


As far as some in the conservative media are concerned, Comey has already begun leaking information. “Trump’s remark comes just hours after The New York Times published an account of a dinner he had with Comey a week after he was sworn in in January,” the Daily Caller wrote, referring to reporting based on claims from unnamed individuals that Comey spoke to.

While the Daily Caller did not directly accuse Comey of leaking the information, a Gateway Pundit headline read, “Friday Tweets: TRUMP Goes After Fake News and Comey Leaks to Press.” Breitbart went further, writing, “Former FBI Director James Comey is now leaking details of a private dinner with President Donald Trump to the media, through some of his close associates.” The same article suggested that Comey’s inability “to stop sensitive leaks” was “one of the many reasons” he’d been fired in the first place.

Rush Limbaugh also turned to leaks in his Friday broadcast but insisted that leaks out of the White House, at least, reflected well on the president, providing evidence of his war with Washington elites. “[I]t has to do with Trump being an outsider and hiring insiders to be on his staff,” Limbaugh said. He proposed that the leakers were attempting to scare off other would be anti-establishment candidates to “dissuade [them] from ever trying what Trump tried here.”

Jonah Goldberg offered a different take on the issue in his National Review essay “Why the Trump White House Is So Leaky.” Noting that “leaks are coming from the president’s own handpicked team,” and that Trump himself sometimes seems to leak information, Goldberg dismissed the premise—one endorsed by Limbaugh—that such information is “fake news.” Ultimately, he argued the problem probably lies with the president himself, since “[h]e thrives on drama” and “likes to pit subordinates against each other.”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, Goldberg observed. Writing that you never hear about leaks from totalitarian regimes (“Adolf Hitler was not plagued by leakers”), he proposed that the parade of information “should be oddly reassuring.”

On Facebook, a post celebrating Sean Spicer’s return to the briefing room spread widely: