Kentucky's Andrew Harrison apologizes for slur against Frank Kaminsky.

Kentucky Player Apologizes for Muttering Slur After Shocking Loss

Kentucky Player Apologizes for Muttering Slur After Shocking Loss

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April 5 2015 10:42 AM

Kentucky Player Apologizes for Muttering Slur After Shocking Loss

Aaron Harrison (right) speaks as guard Andrew Harrison (left) looks on during a press conference for the 2015 NCAA Men's Division I Championship semi-final game at Lucas Oil Stadium.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

When University of Kentucky suffered a surprising defeat to Wisconsin on Saturday night it seems the ill feelings reached the post-game press conference, where the microphones catch everything. It all happened when a USA Today reporter asked Kentucky center Karl-Anthony Towns about the difficulty in guarding Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky. "Karl, could you talk about Kaminsky and what if anything is unique about defending him?" the reporter said. And that is when Kentucky point guard Andrew Harrison decided to put his two cents in, covering his mouth and mumbling: “Fuck that nigga.”

It was barely audible but people were able to hear it and social media immediately lit up with discussions about what Harrison had said and whether he was being a sore loser after the Wildcats were beaten 71-64 by the Badgers, which destroyed their undefeated season. “Harrison's hand was over his mouth, making it difficult to hear precisely what was said,” notes CBS. But the Associated Press reviewed the audio and determined that the offending phrase can be heard. The team says it plans to speak with Harrison, reports ESPN. Harrison, however, did not wait and tweeted an apology early Sunday morning, saying he had uttered the words "in jest" and apologized to Kaminsky.

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