NYPD beating video: Teenager surrendering during marijuana arrest is attacked.

Video Captures NYPD Beating Unarmed Teen During Marijuana Arrest

Video Captures NYPD Beating Unarmed Teen During Marijuana Arrest

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Oct. 7 2014 12:22 PM

Video Captures NYPD Beating Surrendering, Unarmed Teen During Marijuana Arrest

From the video.

Screenshot via DNAInfo

A video uncovered by the DNAinfo news site captures an unarmed 16-year-old being hit in the face with a gun by an NYPD officer after raising his hands to surrender during a marijuana arrest. The teen, Kahreem Tribble, was accused of possessing "17 small bags of marijuana" and disorderly conduct. In the video, he can be seen running before stopping and turning around to face officer Tyrane Isaac, who throws a punch at him. Another officer, David Afanador, then arrives with his gun drawn and pointed at Tribble before hitting him in the face with it. After a few moments, Isaac punches Tribble again. Afanador then returns to the scene with a canvas bag—the bag that Tribble was allegedly using to carry marijuana—and hits Tribble in the face with it.

The footage, from Aug. 29, appears to be from a surveillance camera attached to a nearby storefront.


From DNAinfo:

Afanador has been suspended without pay. Isaac was placed on modified duty, stripped of his badge and gun.
Both officers have been on the force for nine years and now face possible criminal charges and dismissal, sources say.

Police union president Patrick Lynch says the video doesn't accurately convey events because it doesn't capture the "lengthy foot pursuit" that occurred beforehand. In the video, Afanador can be seen jogging back to the location where Tribble was first encountered by police. The trip takes Afanador approximately nine seconds.