Did a 13-Year-Old Let Chris Christie Beat Him in Ping Pong? Let's Look at the Game Tape.

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Jan. 28 2014 12:12 PM

Chris Christie Wins! (a Ping Pong Match Against a 13-Year-Old Boy)

Chris Christie spent part of Monday touring a newly renovated Boys & Girls Club of Newark, where he took a few minutes to pick up a paddle and go head-to-head in a ping pong match against 13-year-old Ivan Fradkin. Thankfully for us, NJ.com was there to film the epic showdown. (You know things haven't been going your way when a headline like "Chris Christie beats 13-year-old Newark boy in ping pong" in your home-state newspaper is one of the better ones you've generated of late.)

You can watch the full match above. Conspiracy alert: Notice how Christie gets off to a slow start during warm-ups, only to see his fortunes change after jokingly warning the boy that "there could be ramifications for this." (Really. The governor won the next four points, three of which came off what I'm going to generously call "unforced errors" on Fradkin's part.)


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