Watch videos Obama is showing senators to make case for strike.

Watch Videos Obama is Using to Make Case for Strike

Watch Videos Obama is Using to Make Case for Strike

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Sept. 7 2013 2:52 PM

Watch Videos White House is Showing Senators to Make Case for Syria Strike

CNN got its hands on videos that the White House is apparently showing a select group of senators in classified briefings meant to build the administration’s case for a limited strike on Syria. CNN got 13 different videos that Obama administration officials have shown to the Senate Intelligence Committee that allegedly depict scenes of the aftermath of an August 21 chemical weapons attack.

The White House has told senators it has been able to confirm the authenticity of the gruesome videos that show people, including several children, convulsing. Intelligence officials apparently told senators that the “symptoms shown in the videos are not just consistent with a chemical attack but specifically with a sarin gas attack,” CNN’s Jake Tapper says.

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