Obama NSA presser: President expected to try again to sell Americans on NSA surveillance program.

Obama's Plans to Reform the NSA

Obama's Plans to Reform the NSA

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Aug. 9 2013 2:45 PM

Watch as President Obama Outlines NSA Reforms

President Obama is set to hold his first solo press conference in more than three months this afternoon. The early word out of Washington is that he'll be announcing transparency-oriented reforms to the NSA's controversial surveillance program that has dominated the news since Edward Snowden turned over classified documents to Glenn Greenwald and co. earlier this year. (According to USA Today, his NSA announcement, whatever it may be, will be a bid to "restore public trust" in government surveillance.)

He's also expected to address any number of other topics, including U.S.-Russia relations, the potential government shutdown, and the current status of immigration reform efforts. You can watch live here. I'll update with any major news after things wrap up. [Update: You'll find a quick recap here. More to come from Weigel and Future Tense.]


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