Chicago Teachers Agree To End Strike

Chicago Teachers Agree To End Strike

Chicago Teachers Agree To End Strike

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Sept. 18 2012 6:37 PM

Chicago Teachers Will Return to Classrooms Tomorrow

A third grader watches from a distance as teachers from his school walk the picket line on Tuesday

Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images.

Chicago teachers have agreed to end their strike and return to the classroom tomorrow.

That may not be the best news for the 350,000 students who were likely enjoying their unexpected time off, but the development will likely be a relief for their parents, many of whom had been forced to scramble to find child care alternatives for the past week and a half.


The Tribune with the details:

"The Chicago Teachers Union’s House of Delegates decided this afternoon to end the city’s first teacher strike in 25 years and return more than 350,000 students to the classroom Wednesday. The decision was reached after some 800 delegates convened at a union meeting hall near Chinatown to discuss and debate a tentative contract.  Union leaders had already signed off on the agreement with Chicago Public Schools."